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Cayman Island wedding plans can involve a lot more than tying the knot, as there are lots of fun things to do throughout the Cayman Islands chain. Between the divine beaches and the coral reefs that can be found offshore, visitors could fill hours on end in or near the water. The beaches are excellent Cayman Island wedding sites, and many couples look to take advantage of them before, during, or after the ceremony. Blessed with a favorable climate and a laid-back appeal that is hard to match, it's easy to see why more and more couples are choosing to get married in the Cayman Islands. The fact that a Cayman Island honeymoon can start immediately after the wedding ceremony only helps to make this British territory in the Caribbean an enticing destination for newlyweds and newlyweds-to-be.

For couples who are hopping off the cruise ship and are tight on time, one of the best things about getting married in the Cayman Islands is the fact that there is no waiting period. That being said, couples should still try to arrange everything in advance, as this can help cut down on stress close to ceremony time. After filling out some paperwork, couples who are interested in getting married in the Cayman Islands will have to apply for a special license. They will also have to provide proof of citizenship and age, and most couples do this by furnishing their passports and birth certificates. There are Cayman Island wedding packages that can facilitate the application process, as long as the prospective bride and groom and eighteen or older, and various resorts and hotels also offer wedding services to help make the process as stress-free as possible.

The Cayman Islands are a relatively upscale Caribbean destination, and those who want to go all out for their wedding can choose to have it at one of the luxury hotels. Along Grand Cayman Island's Seven Mile Beach is where the luxury Cayman Island hotels can be found, and they include the five-star Ritz-Carlton. Those who choose to have their Grand Cayman weddings at the Ritz-Carlton can throw lavish affairs for many or intimate ceremonies for few. The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman sits on the gorgeous sands of Seven Mile Beach, and many couples choose to tie the knot on the sand. Another outdoor venue at this upscale retreat comes in the form of an open lawn that is adorned with a beautiful wedding pavilion. Thanks to the fact the Cayman Islands enjoy enviable year-round weather, outdoor weddings are what most visiting couples have in mind.

Most of the beach resorts on Grand Cayman Island offer wedding venues and services, and they also include the Westin Casuarina Resort and Spa and the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort. The former is the most luxurious hotel in the Cayman Islands after the Ritz-Carlton, while the former is an excellent family resort that also offers a considerable amount of luxury. The wedding planners at both of these venues can help couples arrange everything from the food to the florists. Grand Cayman weddings that incorporate the help of a hotel or a resort take a lot of the worry out of the mix, as well as offering wedding packages. A candlelit dinner for two on the beach, a couple's massage, and multiple diving excursions are just some of the things that the hotel and resort wedding packages can include.

While Grand Cayman Island is where the bulk of the Cayman Island weddings are held, couples can also tie the knot on the smaller islands of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. The beaches on these islands might not be as big as those that can be found on Grand Cayman, but they can more than suffice for beach weddings. The Southern Cross Club offers some excellent wedding and honeymoon packages for couples who are interested in "understated elegance". Over on Cayman Brac, couples who wish to wed will want to keep Walton's Mango Manor in mind. The first bed and breakfast on the island, this intimate guest house boasts a private chapel, and it also offers some fantastic honeymoon deals for couples who plan on sticking around.

A Cayman Island honeymoon can be full of fun activities, and there is no shortage of tantalizing accommodations for couples to choose from. While a resort stay will be ideal for some newlyweds, others will prefer a more private vacation rental. Intimate inns such as Walton's Mango Manor and the Turtle Nest Inn are also worth keeping in mind. As for the kinds of activities that couples can add to their Cayman Island honeymoon, diving and snorkeling figure among the most popular. It's also possible to go hiking, shopping, and sailing. Coincidentally, couples who are interested in sailing might choose to get married on a yacht.

Resorts and hotels aren't the only venues of choice when it comes to Cayman Island weddings, and couples are encouraged to get creative when trying to find the ideal place to exchange their vows. Grand Cayman offers the most venue options, with various restaurants and churches figuring among the options. For couples who want to enjoy some time on more than one island, Grand Cayman weddings can always be followed up by Little Cayman or Cayman Brac honeymoons.

Image: Patrick Gorham
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