Cheap Caribbean Resorts

We have all seen travel commercials depicting pristine beaches, clear blue waters, and cloudless skies and wished longingly that we could escape to such a local. Caribbean islands like Jamaica and Barbados are famous for their luxury resorts, but travel to exotic locals is not out of the reach of most travelers. There are many cheap Caribbean resorts or tactics you can use to plan a cheap Caribbean vacation.

One of the keys to booking a cheap Caribbean vacation is picking the right island. Dominica, the Dominican Republic, and Saba are some good choices. In the Dominican Republic, Hodelpa Caribe Colonial is a cheap Caribbean hotel that does not feel like one. Anchorage Hotel on Dominica has simple rooms but a great location.

Jamaica has its share of top-tier all-inclusives, but there are also some cheap Caribbean resorts around the island. If you do not mind staying a short walk from the beach, Rochhouse Hotel in Negril is a good option. One of the best cheap Caribbean resorts is Starfish Telawny in Runaway Beach, Jamaica. Book there before this bargain becomes better known.

Independent travelers will find some good inexpensive inns in the towns of Jamaica. These are often hard to locate before you arrive, but if you some time to spend on the island, getting a local cheap Caribbean hotel is a great deal.

Even the most expensive island resorts have good deals. In general, mid-April to mid-November is the off-season. If you must travel in the middle of winter, try mid-January: there are often some good deals right after the New Year. If your travel dates are flexible, many internet sites offer cheap Caribbean resorts at the last minute.

Whenever you travel, booking a full package holiday is a good way of getting a cheap Caribbean vacation. Find a site or travel agent to combine flights and accommodation, and perhaps meals and activities too. Then you know exactly how much you can expect to spend and will not be surprised by unexpected expenses.

If you find a cheap Caribbean hotel without flights, there are some good tactics for keeping transportation costs down. Jet Blue, Spirit Airlines, and other discount airlines offer flights to most major islands, such as Puerto Rico and Jamaica. Sometimes it makes sense to fly into San Juan Puerto Rico and travel on a local Caribbean airline to your final destination.

Spending some time online or with a travel agent and being flexible with your travel plans can make any island trip a cheap Caribbean vacation. Once you are on the beach, with the sound of the sea wafting through your ears, you are likely to forget about money concerns anyway. That is what a good Caribbean vacation is all about.

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