Cuba is an increasingly popular travel destination, especially now that travel to Cuba is becoming easier for American citizens to do. Thanks to legislation passed by the American government, it is no longer impossible to get a flight into the country. When the full sanctions were in place, leading online providers were not allowed to sell airfare to Cuba; travelers had to consult a travel agent or find alternate methods for travel to Cuba. Many visitors took a plane from the Bahamas or Jamaica into the Cuban capital of Havana. Increasingly, flights are departing from American hubs like Miami and Dallas-Fort Worth. From the west coast, Mexican airlines will usually connect you to Cuba. And although the logistics of planning a Cuba vacation can be complicated, you will definitely be rewarded for your troubles. Anyone can get to Jamaica or Antigua—travelers to Cuba are looking for more diverse and complex interaction with a culture. They often find it in Cuba.

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Anyone expecting lingering animosity between Americans and Cubans will be pleasantly surprised. Despite the checkered history of Cuba-U.S. Relations, it will become immediately apparent that the differences are merely political. In fact, Cubans tend to love American travelers, as if they are honored that Americans have taken the time to visit. This could have been the only pleasant byproduct of the U.S. government's ban on travel to Cuba—it weeds out a lot of the casual tourists, such that those that arrive on the shores of Cuba are generally more respectful of Cuban culture and lifestyles. In the past, Americans were not allowed to spend money on island. But now, they can spend American dollars and purchase Cuban-made products such as rum and cigars. 

And there is no lack of tourist attractions in Cuba. The same Caribbean beaches offering immaculate diving, snorkeling and surfing are here, though many of the urban beach locations are not worth your time. Colonial churches and Spanish castles still dot the Havana skyline. The most colorful town in all of the Caribbean, no trip to Cuba is complete without a few nights in this wondrous city. Though it has somewhat of a reputation as a wild and crazy place, Havana is easily one of the safest cities you can visit; your biggest danger is likely to come from the blue jellyfish that can be found on some of Cuba's most popular beaches.

Other highlights of a Cuba vacation, however, are relatively simple. Music and dancing play a large part in Cuban culture, and whether it's at a rumba party or deep inside one of the country's famed nightclubs, the enthusiasm Cubans have for the two is contagious. For those who like to enjoy a cocktail or two, a Cuba vacation will amaze you. It is not uncommon for some bars to have drink lists that swell past one hundred, and many of the world's most famous drinks (especially the rum-based ones) were born in Cuba. The mojito, daiquiri, and the Cuba libre were first introduced here, and remain the island's signature beverages.

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