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When the sanctions were in full force, flights to Cuba were certainly a bit harder to track down for U.S. citizens than they are say for Europeans or Canadians. As was true in the past, Cuba airline tickets can also be purchased from destinations in both the Caribbean and South America. So if you are a U.S. citizen and looking for flights to Cuba, you can fly out of just about every country. Now that the travel restrictions have been eased, more airlines have been launching U.S. to Cuba flights. Miami has several of them available, as do other hub cities.

Europeans and Canadians alike have been taking advantage of Cuban vacation packages for years, some of which include round trip airfare. There certainly is no shortage of international airports in Cuba, with a dozen or so to offer now, and more to likely come in the near future. If you are vacationing in Holguin to enjoy the beaches, for example, it's often easier and more practical to fly directly to the area, limiting the amount of additional transportation that you would incur had you just gone with one of the flights to Havana. But, Havana is certainly one of Cuba's prime destinations, so flights to Havana are where most people look when booking their Cuba vacations.

Airlines to Cuba

Airlines to Cuba

Many visitors to Cuba arrive on one of the international flights to Havana aboard the country's national airline, Cubana. It's the island's prime carrier, offering flights to and from Europe, Canada, the Caribbean and the rest of the Americas. Air Canada and Air Europa are good places to look for flights to Cuba, and Air Jamaica provides connections for the relatively short trip. European carriers like Iberia (Spain) and British Airways are worth consulting for Cuba airline tickets, and from Mexico, Mexicana Airlines is a popular choice. A typical flight from Madrid to Cuba can be direct, or might include a layover somewhere like Venezuela. U.S. travelers looking for flights to Cuba typically fly out of Cancun, Toronto, and Vancouver, and there are vacation packages available that can include your airfare. Despite the poor Cuban-American relations, U.S. citizens are welcomed with open arms by Cuban citizens, and if you are worried about the legalities of Cuba travel, going with a travel agency that can help arrange all the necessary pre-departure ins and outs can be of considerable help.

Cuba Airport

Cuba Airport

Charter flights to Cuba are a popular way to go for many, and if you are traveling with a large group, booking your own charter flight might prove to be the best way to get a good deal on your Cuba airline tickets. Charter flights to Cuba can see you flying directly from Halifax to Varadero, or hopping on one of the flights to Havana from Tijuana. Europeans, Canadians and just about anyone else looking for cheap flights to Cuba can even check last minute with the charter companies, who would rather sell a seat at a discount than leave it unfilled. Charter flights can also be included as part of Cuba holiday packages. Generally, when a tour to Cuba fills up, travelers will receive great prices on their charter Cuba airline tickets. Thanks to Cuba's growing popularity as a vacation destination, finding cheap flights to Cuba is easier than ever, especially should you choose to visit outside of the December-April high season. Taking the time to shop around a bit when choosing your flights to Cuba can result in big savings. It is possible to find direct flights to Cuba from U.S. cities like Miami and Los Angeles, but again, you will need to meet the stringent requirements to be able to entertain the notion of booking one.

Competition in the Caribbean for tourism has led to a lot of great deals out there, which helps out considerably for those looking for cheap flights to Cuba. With lots of charter flights to choose from and a growing amount of Cuba vacation packages, it's almost harder to pay full price than find a deal. Again, should you book your Cuba airline tickets during the high season, you can expect to pay more, but that doesn't mean the prices exactly skyrocket. It's still possible to find deals during these months by simply weighing your options. Cruises to Cuba are fairly hard to come by, and you might not have your own yacht to sail there in. So, for most of us, finding flights to Cuba is the most common way of getting there. Once you finally arrive in Cuba, your transportation from there can employ a nice variety of options.

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