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Cuba's strategic location in the Americas and the Caribbean has very much encouraged its storied history, making the island ideal for cruise routes. As Cuba continues to recognize the income possibilities that tourism can generate, we should see a growth in the number of Cuban cruises offered. Cruises to Cuba can bring adventurous souls to this ever-developing tourist destination, where good weather, good people, and good times await.

Cuba Cruises
Cuba Cruises

Most Cuba cruises will include stops at other Caribbean ports, as well as some in South America, letting the passengers enjoy a range of intriguing experiences. As is the case with flights to Cuba, U.S. citizens can always find Cuba cruises that start their trips from ports in other countries. U.S.-based cruise companies, which have found themselves very much lost in the mix in past years, are constantly looking for ways to increase their ability to offer cruises to Cuba. There certainly is demand out there for cruises to Cuba, so if you are looking for a new and exciting vacation idea, look no further. 

Cuba Cruise Map
Cuba Cruise Map

Cuba lies just some 90 miles south of Florida, and Florida cruise ports in Fort Lauderdale and Miami can make for a very short amount of time on the water. Cuba is an easy stop to figure into a cruise itinerary that features port calls in other Caribbean and Latin American countries. Cruise companies from the UK appear to have the best presence in Cuba, and you can find them offering some very alluring cruises to Cuba. Starting in the UK, you will usually either fly or sail to Cuba, or to a country in the relative area. 

You can find Cuba cruises if you have your heart set on one, you just might have to find your way to the UK first. There is no problem should you already live there. Checking for routes from Canada is also a good idea, and it never hurts to search for possibilities a bit closer to home if you are from the United States. Maybe you'll be one of the first to try a new route!

A possible itinerary for Cuban cruises could involve flying from the UK to Quito, Ecuador. Stops in Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras might be on the agenda before you dock at Havana. After a few days of enjoying Havana attractions like the Malecon and the Museum of the Revolution, you might then be off to other Caribbean destinations before flying back to the UK. Santiago de Cuba has recently seen its inclusion as a possible Cuban port of call, and this intriguing city is sure to make for an alluring stop. Brazil seems to be a popular final destination for cruises to Cuba, which makes for quite a nice compliment. The cruises to Cuba from the UK will most every time offer cultural tours of Havana, and as Santiago de Cuba teeters on the edge of becoming a true port of call, it should as well be prime for tours the like.

In the past, many American-based companies stayed away from visiting Cuba, due to the embargo and regulations against traveling to Cuba. As the rules changed around 2014 and 2015, it became easier to get to the island by both land and sea. Now things have changed, you might imagine that American cruise companies won't be hard-pressed to find ideal routes for their Cuba cruises.

Finding cheap cruises to Cuba became a bit harder when Cuba seemed unsure at times as to exactly where it wanted its cruise industry to go. But as more routes are generated, you can bet that cruise companies will offer some great deals as a way of bringing in customers. If cheap Cuba cruises are your aim, a good place to start is by looking for the most affordable onboard lodging options. This usually means booking an inside cabin that doesn't offer ocean views. Cruise lines are known to offer some nifty discounts that might just happen to apply to you, so keeping an eye out for them is also a way to increase your chances of finding cheap Cuba cruises. Most cruises to the Caribbean are already pretty well-priced, and sometimes, just booking well enough in advance is enough to make for extra savings. Whether you have been on cruises before or are looking to take your first one, Cuba is about as interesting a destination as one could think of. You can bet that Cuba's people will jump at the chance to really show the rest of the world just how vibrant and approachable they are.

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