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Anglers looking for their next great vacation destination might want to look into fishing in Cuba. Cuba fishing offers some great opportunities for you to test your skills, and the country is acknowledged as one of the best in the world for bonefishing. Fishing trips in Cuba can see you fly fishing your way to a great catch, or heading well offshore on exciting Cuba deep sea fishing trips. Ernest Hemingway is known to have experienced the thrill of Cuba fishing, and with plenty of Cuba vacation packages available that include fishing trips, so can you.

Cuba is certainly embracing its growing tourism industry with the easing of restricitons from the U.S. These days, more and more Cuba fishing resorts are springing up around the country. All inclusive fishing trips in Cuba are popular with those looking to worry less about travel details, and more on what kind of bait to use. Families looking for organized and exciting Cuban adventures might find fishing in Cuba to be an idea fit. Cuba fishing can be enjoyed year round, which is makes it quite accessible no matter when you find yourself with some vacation time.

Deciding when to go to Cuba for your Cuba fishing trip can impact what you can expect to catch to some degree. If you have Cuba deep sea fishing trips in mind, you might not have as much luck snaring a Sailfish in February, or a Wahoo come summer. Inland, Cuba's lakes and rivers can be fished any month of the year, with bass, carp, tarpon and snook among the possible catches. Bass fishing is truly among the top choices for most fisherman, and if you fall into that category, perhaps you might head to the inland city of Santa Clara, where you can bass fish at the large Alacranes dam reservoir. It's only about a 3-hour drive to Santa Clara from Havana, and in Santa Clara, you can visit the Monument of Che Guevara, where the famous revolutionary's remains are laid to rest. The Hotel Los Caneyes is a well-priced Santa Clara lodging option, and they can help you arrange both fishing trips and other tours.

At some Cuba resorts, you can find freshwater lakes and other bodies of water that offer fun Cuba fishing endeavors. Near the north coast Cuban city of Trinidad, the Horizontes Zaza Hotel is one of the Cuba fishing resorts you might stay at, offering a sizeable lake full of trout for the taking. It's open year round, and is a good fit for those who want to do a little hiking and fishing in Cuba. Cuba has well over 3,000 miles of coastline, and the clear blue waters are teeming with fish.

Ernest Hemingway used inspiration from his Cuba deep sea fishing trips to help write his classic novel, The Old Man and the Sea. Should you choose to entertain the notion of your own Cuba deep sea fishing trips, you can certainly find chances to get out on the water. Some of the best Cuba deep sea fishing trips can be enjoyed near the capital city of Havana. The northwest coast of the country is where the Gulf Stream passes, helping to create ideal fishing conditions. At Playas del Este, which is just minutes from Havana, you can find some great beaches, as well as some wonderful fishing facilities. Swordfish, Tuna and Barracuda are among the fish to be found at Playas del Este. You can also fish for these species and others at Isla de la Juventud, which is found off Cuba's southwest shore. It's the largest Cuban island, outside of the main land, and you can get here by catamaran, hydrofoil or airplane. Saltwater flat fishing is extremely popular in Cuba. Can you imagine pulling in a 120-pound tarpon?

Cayo Largo is another island where fishing trips in Cuba are possible. One of the Cuba fishing resorts on Cayo Largo is the Hotel Sol Club, which is an all inclusive hotel. You can join a fishing tour that includes your flight to Cayo Largo from Havana, as well as your accommodations on the island. When you take organized fishing trips to Cuba, your airport transfers, hotel accommodations and other pertinent transportation are generally part of the package. The Sol Cayo Resort is another Cayo Largo resort that can help you plan your Cuban fly-fishing outing. If you are arriving to Cuba aboard your own yacht, you will probably be docking it at the Marina Hemingway in Havana. Located in Miramar, not far from Havana's Vedado district, you can find fishing facilities here, and it is also where the annual International Hemingway Fishing Tournament is held in May/June.

Fishing in Cuba is surely not a new concept, and people have been enjoying fishing trips in Cuba for years. The concept is still new to many, however, but with a country like Cuba, you not only get an interesting dose of culture and history, but also the chance to enjoy world-class Cuba fishing. Throw in a scuba diving adventure, and see just how dynamic Cuba's waters can really be.

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