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Cuba holidays are no longer a dream for U.S. travelers. For many years, it was easier to hear about a trip to Cuba than to take one. Those who lived in Europe were more likely familiar with the opportunities that are available for Cuba holiday packages. Chances are they, or someone they knew, has either taken Cuba holidays or at least looked into them. WIth the opening up of travel from the U.S., Americans are discovering what Europeans already knew. Cuba is a wonderful tourist destination, offering great urban pursuits, as well as plenty of worthy destinations outside of the city.

Many Cuba holidays involve staying at one of the great many Cuba holiday resorts, though you can stay away from these if you wish. Cuba holiday packages offer different things, some providing cultural tours, while others will see you scuba diving, for example. All inclusive trips are a major player when it comes to Cuba holiday packages, and they are ideal for those looking for an organized and low-stress Cuba vacation. As Cuba tourism continues to increase, as does competition for tourist money in the Caribbean as a whole. As such, it is easier than ever to find Cuba holiday deals, especially if you travel during the off season.

If you want to leave all the details and planning for your Cuba vacation up to somebody else, there are an ample amount of Cuba holiday packages that include everything from your flight to your meals. As mentioned, you can always choose all inclusive Cuba holidays, which tend to involve staying at one of the beach resorts. A list of activities, such as tennis and watersports, are often included in all inclusive Cuba holidays, and sometimes you can even get a scuba diving lesson for free.

Speaking of scuba diving, if you are interested, Cuba diving is a real treat, and dive centers are opening up around the country, from Havana to Santiago de Cuba. Varadero, Cayo Coco, and Holguin are among the most popular destinations for those planning Cuba holidays at the beach, and you will have no problem tracking down good Cuba holiday deals for these destinations. Most Cuban resorts feature tour desks that can help you add some interesting side trips, but you might look first for Cuba tour packages that have your excursions pre-arranged.

Though you might be planning to stay at one of the Cuba holiday resorts, that doesn't mean you can't always mix in a few nights in a city. Varadero is just a 2-hour drive from Havana, and the north coast city of Trinidad is prime for interesting tours when staying at a beach destination nearby. Cuban holidays can include pre-arranged cultural tours, and Old Havana is among the top destinations for such tours. The chance to see colonial-era buildings and stroll along the Malecon is sure to make for a great day in Cuba. Transportation is Cuba is quite good, so getting around is made relatively easy, and if you want to rent a car in Cuba, you can find Cuba holiday packages that include this. If you want to find your own way of getting to Cuba, there are tour and holiday packages available that exclude airfare. Charter flights from Europe are extremely popular with European visitors to Cuba, and you can find standard flights with major carriers like Iberia and British Airways.

Should you be looking mostly for Cuba holiday deals, it's a good idea to start by looking outside of the December-through-April high season. Not only do the Cuba holiday resorts tend to raise their rates during these months, but airfare can also be more expensive. Finding Cuba holiday deals during the high season is not impossible, it's just a bit harder. All in all, however, Cuba holidays are pretty affordable, as even the bulk of the nicer Cuba hotels have pretty good rates all things considered. Should you choose to go with one of the Cuba holiday packages that you have come across, you will benefit from the peace of mind that goes along with them. Having knowledgeable representatives and competent guides once you arrive can make a significantly positive impact, and if your accommodations, transportation and meals are figured in, you have little else to worry about other than what clothes you might bring for the beach, the city or the many Cuban nightlife centers.

It's a great time to go to Cuba, as we are witnessing Cuba history unfold right before our very eyes. Cuba holidays are getting hotter and hotter, so find yourself a few Cuba holiday packages to consider, and see all that this great and unique country has to offer.

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