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Cuba nightlife is a sizzling proposition. A country with this much passion and rhythm is hard to find anywhere else, and when you set the stage with inspiring Cuban music, what you have is nightlife bliss. If you've been taking Salsa dancing lessons and want to put your moves to the test, Cuba has got you more than covered. Don't know how to dance Salsa yet? Venture out to one to any number of dance clubs Cuba offers, and you are bound to find a teacher. Clubs, bars and jazz lounges are just some of the Cuba nightlife options, and if you are lucky, you will be invited by a local to experience a private Cuba house party. Talk about a story to tell when you get back.

The Cuban people are friendly, welcoming tourists from all over the world with open arms. This is quite evident when it comes to Cuba nightlife. Stirring up conversations with Cuban natives while out on the town is an interesting way to gain insight into the country, from its pronounced history, to its present-day status. Of course, drinking, dancing and having an all around good time takes precedence to talking politics when heading out for the night, but light-hearted discussions can, and usually do, lead to a bunch of interesting subjects, especially if your Spanish skills are strong. The Havana night clubs, as well as those found at the tourist beach resorts, are among the most popular Cuba nightlife hangouts, but you can find a club or "Casa de la Musica" (Music House) in just about every Cuban city. Also, depending on when you go, the city you are visiting might offer a free concert at one of its main squares or plazas. Catching a live concert on the fly is a nice bonus. Besides Salsa dancing, Cubans are also known to dance what is known as the Conga. This earthy, Afro-Cuban dance involves letting the music take you over, and it's enlightening to see those dancing the Conga to so publicly and spiritually express themselves.

The Havana nightlife gets most of the attention when talking about Cuba nightlife. Havana nightclubs in the districts of Old Havana and Varadero are known to warm up starting at about 10 p.m., and if you want to see world-class dancers, they are the place to go. When the sun goes down in Havana, things don't necessarily slow down. Depending on who you ask, nighttime is when the city is at its best. The Havana night clubs that are found at or near the popular tourist hotels and hangouts are prone to playing a mix of house music, reggaetón, and such, but you are never without some Salsa music. Locals like to dress well at the Havana night clubs, so if you plan to properly enjoy the Havana nightlife, you will want to pack some sleek outfits if you have space. Cabaret shows are a big part of Havana nightlife, and the Tropicana is the city's premier Cabaret/Dinner theater.

The Casa de la Música in Miramar, which is just west of Vedado, has nightly concerts featuring live Cuban music. The Casa de la Música (Centro Habana) is where you can find local Cubans tearing up the large dance floor. It's easily one of the top Havana night clubs for Salsa dancing. In Vedado, you can head to El Gato Tuerto, which is a small bar/club with a long bar and live Cuban music performances. The Havana nightlife is known to go long into the wee morn, and the Lluvia de Oro bar, which is found in Old Havana, caters to tourists and locals 24-hours a day. It can be quite a wild place indeed. If you just want to head out and have a drink and chat with friends, or that special someone, there are calmer bars in Havana. Most of the tourist-frequented Havana hotels have at least one nice bar and/or lounge, and at hotels like the Hotel Ambos Mundos, you can have your drink on the rooftop. Across the island, one of the best Cuban "music houses" can be found in the second-largest city of Santiago de Cuba. The Casa de la Trova features many a wonderful Cuban music performance, sometimes seeming much like what you would expect from the legendary Buena Vista Social Club. The Discoteca La Iris is a good choice for a club in Santiago de Cuba where the younger crowd can find a raucous atmosphere.

When you travel to one of Cuba's main beach resorts, the predominantly all inclusive hotels there offer Cuba nightlife of their own. Cabaret shows and theater reviews are common, and you can generally expect an array of bars and lounges. At Cuba clubs like the Disco La Roca, which is found near Holguin in Guardalavaca, is a good alternative to the resort nightlife scene. You might look for a club like this close to your resort's locale if you want a little more local flavor. Wherever you vacation in Cuba, you will likely have no problem tracking down Cuba nightlife to fit your preference. Most of the Cuba hotels, resorts, hostels and casas particulares have representatives, owners or concierges that can help you find the Cuba nightlife that's right for the mood. Meet a few locals, and there's no telling what club or bar you might end up at next. And that can be about as exciting as it gets!

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