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Scores of visitors to Cuba choose to spend all, or at least some of their time at one of the Cuba resorts. With so many great Cuba beaches to choose from, it's easy to see why a Cuba resort vacation is so popular.

All inclusive Cuban resorts dominate in this tropical, island nation, making for Cuba getaways that are low on stress, and big on relaxation. The most popular resorts in Cuba are largely located on the north coast, with some found not too far from vibrant cities like Havana and Santiago de Cuba. Spending time at one of the Cuba resorts is usually all about fun in the sun, but with so many of them offering tours of all kinds, you can surely mix a little urban exposure in there at your whimsy. Unlike in other Latin American countries like Peru and Costa Rica, you will be hard-pressed to find a Cuban resort of the eco variety. Those looking to stay in one of the many nice Cuba villas, might look to those found at the Cuba resorts. They often offer much more space and privacy, while still including all of the all inclusive perks. It doesn't get much better than that.

There certainly are a few featured Cuba beach destinations where you will find the most visited Cuba resorts. If you are visiting Cuba and are aiming to stay in or near Havana, Santa Maria Beach and Playa del Este are two beach destinations that you can access from Havana in no time. Santa Maria Beach, which is just a 15-minute trip out of Havana, was one of the country's first Cuba resort vacation destinations. The main hotels found here, are the kinds of all inclusive Cuban resorts that are found at other top seaside destinations.

Just 90 miles to the southeast of Havana, the beach resort town of Varadero is the king of Cuban resorts, and it is surely a worthy destination for a number of reasons. It's only a two-hour drive between Havana and Varadero, so if you are enjoying a Cuba resort vacation at this featured destination, you can always throw in a day trip or two to Havana. As mentioned, most, if not all, of the all inclusive Cuban resorts have tours on offer. The Bellamar Caves are just one of the prime attractions that you can arrange a tour for if you are staying at a Cuban resort in Varadero. Delfinario is found near the Varadero resorts, and though it is an attraction for all ages, if you are coming with kids, you certainly will not want to miss it.

About 340 miles southeast of Havana, Cayo Coco is also a destination that boasts some wonderful Cuban beaches. Cayo Coco and neighboring Cayo Guillermo are fast becoming one of Cuba's best beach areas, and they are only accessible by a man-made causeway. Here in the chain of cays where Cayo Coco is found, the all inclusive Cuban resorts are your only option for lodging, and some visitors find the isolated feel of the cays to be more ideal for them. As you near the eastern side of the Cuban mainland, the province of Holguin is where foreigners looking for fun in the sun like to visit.

Choose a Cuba resort vacation in Holguin, and you will have more than a handful of beaches to choose from. Playa Esmeralda offers some of the more expensive and newer Cuba resorts, while those opting for a discount Cuba resort vacation might choose to stay at Playa Guardalavaca. You can head to Santiago de Cuba, which lies some 80 miles away from Holguin, if you want to mix your sun-soaking experience with a trip to one of Cuba's best cities.

You can often find great package deals if you are interested in a Cuba resort vacation. Generally, most visitors who frequent the Cuba resorts come from either Canada, or European countries like Spain, Germany and Austria. The all inclusive Cuban resorts at destinations like the ones mentioned here, provide all that you will need, and best of all, once you pay, you can put the wallet away. Your meals, drinks, snacks, entertainment, accommodations, airport transfers, and sometimes even your flight is what you can expect to be included in your Cuba resort vacation package.

Many Cuba resorts have awesome pools, game rooms, fitness centers, tennis courts, free bicycles for guests and more. Many a Cuban resort can help you arrange an exciting Cuba scuba diving experience as well, though this will usually cost you extra, as will tours outside of the resort complex. The Cuba resorts tend to be priced a bit higher than what is average for Latin America, and most are run by a few signature Cuban hotel companies like Sol Meliá. Eco-resorts are fairly hard to come by, but you might try the El Salton Eco-Resort, near the city of Bambayo. Book your Cuba resort vacation now, and treat yourself to an experience that is sure to make for a lifetime of memories.

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