Cuba Tours

Cuba tours are seeing more and more visitors taking advantage of what they have to offer. Taking cultural tours of Cuba can enhance your overall understanding of the country's history and people, while Cuba tours to destinations like the Bellamar Caves reveal some of the country's most vibrant wonders. Tours to Cuba can include everything from your airfare to your guides and accommodations, and they are ideal for groups or individuals seeking to see and do quite a bit during their Cuba vacation. Even if you are planning to spend most of your time at one of the Cuba beaches, adding a tour of any kind can only serve to compliment your trip. Add a tour to your next Cuba vacation, and create memories to last a lifetime.

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Many of the more upscale Cuban hotels, whether found in the city or not, tend to offer Cuba tours to nearby destinations, or cultural tours that can highlight a city's main sights. If you are interested in Havana Cuba tours, you can choose to do either a short tour where you visit attractions like the Malecon, and the Museo de la Revolution. Or, you can join a tour that lasts a week or more.

Sometimes, Cuba tours that are available in the bigger cities, can involve a native Cuban tracking down things like concert tickets, or deals on hotel rooms. Havana, like any major city, can be a bit overwhelming, but should you add a tour or two, you can get a better understanding of its true identity. Local guides can prove to be priceless, answering any questions you might have on Cuba's culture or history, for example, or explaining to you why each featured attraction is so important.

At the many Cuba beach resorts, you will generally find a tour desk as part of the hotel's services, much like you will at a good amount of city hotels. If you are vacationing in Varadero, you might add a tour of the aforementioned Bellamar Caves, and if you are vacationing at Playa Ancón, a tour of the nearby city of Trinidad can reveal secrets behind this colonial gem's storied past. As far as cultural tours of Cuba are concerned, Trinidad is pretty much a must-see. Eco-tourists might be surprised to hear that Cuba tours can include those of the eco variety. The Gardens of Eastern Cuba are a featured eco-tourist Cuba destination, offering the chance to smell blooming orchids, and catch an informative lecture about a featured cactus garden. Near the city of Bayamo, you might choose to book a stay at the El Salton Eco-Resort if you are up for a mountain experience.

The list is long when it comes to the possibilities for Cuba tours. As mentioned, biking tours can even figure into the mix. Many Cuba resorts offer free bicycle rentals to guests, making it easy to take spontaneous biking tours in Cuba. Biking tours in Cuba are more abundant than one would probably think, and they can include attractions such as the Bay of Pigs, or have you crossing the better part of the country, with stops in places like Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, and Havana. Extended biking tours in Cuba tend to mix in a list of side ventures. It's not uncommon for a Cuba bike tour of more than a few hours to also include cultural tours of Cuba.

Tours to Cuba that have you sticking with the group from the flight in, to the flight out offer a list of exciting possibilities, and they can be a good first approach to the country for those who don't want to go it alone. Perhaps you want to do some hiking and trekking on your Cuba vacation. Tours to Cuba can involve just that. There are also options available for family tours to Cuba, which can be ideal in terms of safety and organization. You have enough to worry about with the kids to look after, so an organized and guided tour can allow you to not have to concern yourself too much with finding accommodations or things to do.

Maybe your family is a bit more adventurous than average, and a kayaking tour is what you are after. At Cuban destinations like the Archipelago de Los Canarreos, you can mix kayaking adventures with activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. When choosing a Cuba hotel, or searching for a Cuba vacation package, be sure to check for any tours that might be part of the deal. You will be glad you did.

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