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European and Canadian travelers have been taking advantage of Cuba vacation packages for years now, and a growing amount of curious citizens in the United States are starting to also consider Cuba as a possible vacation destination. Cuba vacations have plenty to offer, from historical sights in cities like Havana and Trinidad, to sun-shiny days spent at one of the oceanfront Cuban resorts. Travel packages to Cuba allow visitors to approach Cuba vacations with peace of mind, as they leave the majority of the details up to the package provider. Cuba vacation packages can include world-class scuba diving, informative cultural tours, or adventurous hiking excursions. Finding travel packages to Cuba that are the right fit for your group is easier than you might have thought.

Some of the more popular Cuba holiday package options include staying at an all inclusive Cuba resort. At Cuba beach destinations like Varadero and Holguin, you can often choose from a list of resorts and price options. Airfare, meals, drinks, activities and transportation are generally included in most travel packages to Cuba that include the Cuba beach resorts.

Cayo Coco is another top beach destination where scores of foreign visitors find resorts for their Cuba vacations. While those coming from Europe can find many a Cuba holiday package for them, those coming from North America will be more interested in the travel packages to Cuba that depart from Canada. In the past, with with United States/Cuban relations still not what they could, and perhaps should be, flying to Cuba from Canada was generally the way to go for North American travelers. Now that it is legal for Americans to visit, they can choose a package that departs from Canada or fly from the United States to the island.

Cuba vacation packages for North Americans can either include or not include your airfare. If your airfare is included, often times so too will be your airport-to-hotel transfer, which can help reduce travel stress significantly. English-speaking representatives, and your all-important Cuban tourist visa are things that you can generally expect to be included with travel packages to Cuba. Choosing from a list of hotels for these kinds of Cuba vacations is often part of the arrangement. Some Cuba vacation packages will choose the accommodations for you. For those heading to Havana, for example, getting help finding the right Havana hotel can go a long way.

The choices for travel packages to Cuba can get quite interesting. Some might even offer local aides that can hunt down things like concert tickets or discount hotel rooms. If you want to experience the joy of Cuba fishing, you can find a good amount of travel packages that can help you arrange fishing excursions for your Cuba vacations. The Cuban island of Isla de la Juventud is just one of the possible fishing destinations you can enjoy with travel packages to Cuba. Scuba diving and immaculate tropical beaches are just some of the side treats of a vacation on Isla de la Juventud.

Maybe you are more interested in an urban experience during your Cuba trip. Cuba vacations to Havana can include pre-arranged cultural tours, with attractions like the Malecon and the Plaza de la Revolucion in Vedado as featured destinations. Old Havana is a joy to explore, with its lovingly-restored buildings. A guided walking tour in Old Havana will surely be a highlight of your trip if you like history, and many Cuba vacation packages to the capital city will include one.

If you are in North America and choosing a Cuba vacation package that does not include airfare, then you will need to look for a flight from the U.S. or Canada. Toronto is a popular departure point for those closer to North America's eastern seaboard, while those living out west might think of finding flights to Cuba leaving from Vancouver. Major cities in the U.S. are starting to provide service to Cuba. Airports in cities including Miami and Dallas-Fort Worth have frequent flights to the island. 


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