Floridita Havana

The Floridita Havana restaurant and bar is one of Cuba’s most renowned hangouts. Famous for its association with Ernest Hemingway, this historic establishment first opened its doors in 1817, and only if its walls could talk. Many other famous people have also had the pleasure of reveling in the classy atmosphere, and they include generations of Cuban and foreign intellectuals. Of course, no discussion about the Floridita Havana restaurant and bar would be complete without mentioning its daquiris. The Floridita is actually credited with inventing the frozen daquiri, or at least one of its past owners is. This former owner was a Catalan immigrant named Constantino Ribalaigua. He became the owner of the Floridita in 1918 and is reputed to have invented the frozen daquiri in the early 1930s.

Today, the Floridita restaurant and bar is still known for its daquiris. Many people who have had the pleasure of sampling one or more are even compelled to rank them as the very best daquiris in the world. On hot afternoons, securing a seat at the historic Floridita restaurant and bar and ordering up a daquiri can be a real treat. You can get your daquiri shaken or blended. The general consensus is that shaken is the way to go. Of course, you don’t have to order a daquiri at the Floridita. The bar also prepares other beverages, including mojitos and Cuba libres. Should the urge to dine set in, the Floridita restaurant offers a tempting menu that is largely oriented around seafood.

For those who are interested in visiting the Floridita during their Cuba vacations, the famous restaurant and bar can be found at the corner of Calle Monserrate in the Old Havana district. Given the classy nature of the establishment and its rich history, it is relatively expensive. Most people would agree that the opportunity to soak up the historic atmosphere more than justifies the prices. Plus, those margaritas are just so good. For Hemingway fans, it should be noted that the Floridita Havana restaurant and bar contains plenty of Hemingway memorabilia. There’s even a life-size bronze statue of the rugged author at the end of the bar. This statue was carved by the Cuban artist, José Villa Soberón, who is noted for his public sculptures around Havana and for his various other artistic offerings that can be found in Cuba and beyond.

Top image: Reindertot (flickr)
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