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The Havana streets are full of life, and exploring them is a major draw for Cuba visitors. The most popular streets to explore are those that are found in the city’s historic Old Havana district. In this district, people go about their everyday lives in the shadows of centuries-old buildings that speak to the city’s rich history. Thanks to its historic structures and overall cultural value, the Old Havana district was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its streets are among the best Havana streets for sightseeing, and its hotels are among the most popular in town.

Havana Streets - Baseball
Havana Streets - Baseball  Image: paularps (flickr)

In Old Havana, some of the streets are of the colonial cobblestone variety, which adds to the district’s charm. This is a district that is ideal for wandering. It gives the wanderer a sense that they are almost lost in time. While exploring the Old Havana streets, it is recommended that you venture over to the Plaza Vieja (Old Plaza). This major square emerged as an open space in the 1500s and was a residential neighborhood of the elite in colonial times. Eventually, Plaza Vieja became a popular site for all kinds of events, including bullfights and fiestas. Another square or plaza that can be a joy to visit when exploring the Old Havana streets is the Plaza de Armas. Extremely popular among tourists, the Plaza de Armas in Havana is home to picturesque edifices, inviting cafes, book vendors, and various other things that can have you lingering longer than expected.

Havana Streets - People
Havana Streets - People

Old Havana is full of landmarks and historic centers, with other examples including the Parque Central and the El Capitolio Nacional (National Capitol Building). These two specific landmarks are found along one of Old Havana’s most charming and distinctive streets – Calle Obispo. A pedestrian-only boulevard, Calle Obispo also leads to the Plaza de Armas and its many surrounding attractions. After exploring Calle Obispo, you can head over to the Malecon. Simply put, no Havana visit would be complete without taking a stroll along this renowned waterfront promenade.

Havana Streets - Old Cars
Havana Streets - Old Cars

While Old Havana is the district of choice for those who wish to explore the Havana streets, it can also be rewarding to see what the streets in the city’s other districts have to offer. The largely dilapidated Centro Havana district, for example, has the city’s highest population density and is a great place to get a sense of the Havana people. You might wander past an impromptu baseball game in the Centro Havana streets or happen upon some people dancing to Cuban rhythms. Something that you will certainly see on the Centro Havana streets, as well as on the streets in other parts of the city, are old cars. Cuba is known for its decades-old vehicles, with the capital featuring the highest concentration.

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