Holguin Cuba

Holguin Cuba is found on the eastern side of eastern side of Cuba's main island, and largely because of the Holguin Beach resorts, tourism in the Holguin Province is on the rise. Though Varadero Beach on the north coast of Cuba is a more established beach destination, the stunning natural beauty found in and around Holguin makes it very much worth the trip out. In 1492, Christopher Columbus himself was known to label the Holguin coast as the most beautiful land he had ever seen, which should give you an idea of how picturesque it can be.

The city of Holguin Cuba is almost 500 miles southeast of Havana, and though it won't make many people's lists for most beautiful Cuban cities, it offers a satisfactory range of interests, including the Loma de la Cruz vantage point, which is certainly one of the top Holguin attractions.

In the Hoguin Province, foreign conglomerates are starting to offer tours and things the like at Holguin Beach destinations such as Playa Guardalavaca. Birdwatching and other wildlife viewing is something you might interest yourself in on a Holguin vacation, and it is truly a place where nature and modern conveniences blend well together. For those interested in experiencing Cuba scuba diving, the Holguin beach offerings present a nice range of opportunities. Between Playa Esmeralda and Playa Guardalavaca alone, a myriad of scuba diving sites can be accessed.

Large cliffs and shell-like beaches are part of what makes Playa Guardalavaca a top Holguin beach, and the coral reefs found below the surface here are a joy to explore. Speleodiving, which involves diving flooded caverns, can be enjoyed near the Holguin Province city of Gibara, and it is truly a unique experience to add to your Holguin vacation itinerary. Some of the finest Cuban resorts can be found among the choices for Holguin hotels, and especially at Holguin beach destinations like Playa Guardalavaca, the growing tourism industry has a lot to do with holiday packages that are available in countries like Austria, Canada, England and Germany. Now that Americans are allowed to visit Cuba, more people are beginning to discover this vacation destination. 

All inclusive Cuba vacations are on the rise, and at resorts like the Hotel Paradisus Río de Oro Hotel, you can enjoy a 5-star, all inclusive setting. The aforementioned Playa Esmeralda is among the top Holguin attractions, and on your Holguin vacation, you can take advantage of a number of recreational opportunities here, including horseback riding, bicycling, and snorkeling.

When the sun goes down, the Holguin beach destinations tend to warm up their discoteques for another exotic night. Near the Holguin Province city of Banes, the sepulchral site known as Chorro de Maíta is one of the most interesting Holguin attractions, and other archaeological sites of interest can be found close by.

Various cays are just another consideration for Holguin attractions to add to your itinerary, and the province's overall lush vegetation is just one more reason a Holguin Cuba vacation is so ideal. Helping to make a Holguin vacation all the more easy, you can now hop on a direct flight to Holguin from countries like Canada and Germany. Other airports in Cuba, such as those near Havana and Varadero, can get you on a flight to Holguin, and the Holguin hotels provide convenient airport pickup. European natives looking for a flight to Holguin might check with the various charter companies, who can sometimes be known to offer significant deals on flights and holiday packages.

Once you arrive at your Holguin hotel, you can find hotel representatives who can help you plan exciting day trips and nearby excursions. If you like trains, the tourist train that runs from Guardalavaca to Aldea Taína is a neat way to get around. It stops at all the major Holguin Province attractions, including the top beach towns. If you can't stay the night in Holguin, but are going to be there for the better part of a day, you might interest yourself in a day pass at one of the major hotels.

They allow you to enjoy their resort facilities, while at the same time allowing you to eat and drink to your heart's content. Holguin Cuba is certainly on a continuous upwards swing in terms of tourism, and chances are in a few years, you will only hear more about this burgeoning vacation destination.

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