Playa Paraiso Beach

One of the best beaches in Cuba, Playa Paraiso Beach is a gorgeous stretch of white sand that is set along the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. A major attraction on the island of Cayo Largo del Sur, it is connected to another fine beach – Playa Sirena. Both of these beaches are part of a nature preserve, and thus they are maintained in a very natural state. This sets up well for relaxation, and that’s what these beaches are all about. You won’t find any hotels on the sand, only small snack bars and a modest nautical center. At Playa Sirena in particular, there are also restroom and showering facilities.

Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena are sheltered and usually have calm water, and visitors who are interested can enjoy such non-motorized water sport activities as wind surfing and sailing. At Playa Paraiso, many visitors simply prefer wading in the water when they’re not kicking back and soaking up some Caribbean sun. It’s so shallow in parts that you can walk out hundreds of feet without submerging your upper half.

Playa Paraiso Beach Hotels

Playa Paraiso Beach Hotels
Playa Paraiso Beach Hotels  Image: Melia Sol Cayo Largo

There aren’t any hotels on Playa Paraiso Beach, or Playa Sirena for that matter, and that’s just fine with most people. It’s part of what makes these beaches so special. Thankfully, however, there are hotels close by. The island of Cayo Largo del Sur attracts a healthy number of international tourists and provides several all-inclusive resorts. While largely similar, these resorts vary in some departments, so comparing is recommended when trying to find the right lodging fit. For those who are interested in something other than a resort stay, the island is also home to a couple small hotels. These hotels lack the abundant facilities of the resorts, but can be a better match for some travelers. As for getting from the hotels to Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena, there are free shuttles that travel between the hotels and beaches. Taking a moped or hiring a taxi are two other options. When taking a taxi, you can arrange for the driver to pick you up at the beach for a return trip to the hotel. Just be sure to agree on a total price upfront before you enter the taxi.

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