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When it comes to colonial-era charm, few cities in the Americas can rival the small and romantic city of Trinidad Cuba. Moorish, Neo Classical and Baroque architecture dominate Trinidad's old town, and it is here that you will find the largest church in the country. The Iglesia Parroquial de la Santísima Trinidad, which was constructed between the years of 1817 and 1892 is just one of the attractions that make a Trinidad Cuba vacation so special. Trinidad Cuba is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as is the nearby San Luis Valley, where the countryside is dotted with intriguing castles, old-world haciendas and telling slave houses. Hanging out at a Trinidad beach only serves to accentuate the experience here, and the area beach resorts have you more than covered when it comes to the Trinidad hotels. Just a tad over 200 miles to the southeast of Havana, Trinidad joins Varadero as a top Cuba destination within easy enough reach of the capital.


Trinidad Cuba is a place where you can get in direct touch with history. Cobblestone streets wind their ways through the charming old town where a blend of architectural styles speaks to the city's storied past. This is quite simply one of the finest colonial towns in the Americas. Thankfully, as far back as the 1950s, the capitalist Cuban government saw fit to preserve Trinidad's beauty by limiting modern development. In short, Trinidad was founded in 1514, and it was one of the original seven villas that Spanish Conquistador Diego Velázquez conceived. This alone reveals its value in terms of Cuban history. Growing quickly in its early days, Trinidad Cuba reaped big rewards from the country's booming sugar cane industry, which really began to take off in the 1700s. Those making the bulk of the sugar cane money invested in the stately palaces and mansions found in the nearby valleys today. By the mid-to-late 1860s, slave revolts and a waning return on sugar production saw Trinidad enter a rough financial period. Though it might be a bit selfish to be thankful for Trinidad's past economic struggles, they are also responsible for causing a halt in modern construction. As such, those enjoying a Trinidad Cuba vacation will find the city much like it appeared hundreds of years ago.

A Trinidad Cuba vacation proves both charming and relaxing, as you can supplement explorations of town with trips to a nearby Trinidad beach. The Plaza Mayor in the city's old town is a good place to begin your walking tour of the historic district. Within this district, you will find the aforementioned Iglesia de la Santísima Trinidad church, which is known locally as La Parroquíal Mayor. Another major attraction that Trinidad Cuba visitors won't want to miss is the Palacio Brunet, which is a stunning colonial mansion. Inside the Palacio Brunet, the Museo Romántico gives insight into how the old sugar-rich families once lived in decorative splendor. If you find the city's colonial architecture to be intriguing, you can learn more about it during a visit to the Museum of Colonial Architecture, which offers guided tours. The Municipal Museum is another one of Trinidad's best, highlighting Cuban history. Those seeking a Trinidad beach might choose to head to nearby Ancon Beach, where white sand and turquoise water make for an ideal setting. Cayo Blanco, another popular Trinidad beach, is a premier Cuba scuba diving destination, offering some 30 different diving spots in total.

Ayala Cave Disco
Ayala Cave Disco

Shopping is another venture that visitors to Trinidad might enjoy, as various street markets are known to spring up, selling all kinds of hand-crafted delights and things the like. Come nightfall, Trinidad offers some good nightlife choices, and as far as dining goes, there aren't many better cities in all of Cuba. Throw in the fact that the Trinidad hotels present a list of interesting choices, and you can start to envision how rewarding a Trinidad Cuba vacation can be.

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When it comes to colonial-era charm, few cities in the Americas can riva...

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