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Cuba enjoys nice, tropical weather, much like you would find in southern Florida. As such, you can imagine that the beaches in Cuba are among the main draws for Cuban tourism. Currently, the bulk of visitors to Cuba hail from Canada and Europe, and when it is fun in the sun that they are after, Cuba time and again finds itself on the travel radar. About 90 miles east of Havana, Varadero is a top Cuban beach destination, and the Varadero hotels have among them some of the country's best resorts. More or less, Varadero is the name given to the Hicacos Peninsula, which at its tip, is the northernmost portion of Cuba. Immaculate white sand, sunny Caribbean skies and ongoing resort-style construction continues to make Varadero such a popular Cuban destination, and with it's proximity to the nation's capital, it is a pretty easy reach. Also, the island's second most important airport is found close by, and the fact that it accepts both national and international flights makes Varadero even easier to access.

Varadero Cuba, in terms of history, managed to predominantly avoid interference during Spanish rule, and as such wasn't truly founded until the late 1800s, when ten families from the Cuban city of Cardenas were awarded the rights to build vacation homes there. In 1926, the impressive Xanadú Mansion was built by billionaire industrialist Irénée du Pont Nemours, and by the 1950s the initial hotel boom was under way. Some claim that Varadero was an elite vacation destination as far back as the 1870s, and its somewhat dubious reputation as a featured resort town was cemented over the years with visits from the likes of Al Capone and other big names. Varadero Beach is the peninsula's most prized attraction, and when it comes to all inclusive Cuban vacations, the resorts that line this privileged stretch of sand have among them top-of-the-list candidates. Those looking to enjoy Cuba scuba diving and great Cuba fishing will appreciate Varadero, and nearby destinations like the San Miguel de los Baños Resort, and the city of Matanzas make for excellent side trips when vacationing in Varadero Cuba.

Though it is understandable that the Varadero Beach is the main reason that visitors come here, there are other Varadero attractions worthy of checking out. Parque Josone is a splendid city park that offers walking paths that pass over small lakes and wind through gardens, and a stop at the Museo Municipal Varadero is both cheap and rewarding. Though the Parque de Diversiones is no Disneyland or Cedar Point, families vacationing in Varadero Cuba might find interest in its carnival-style rides and fair-like atmosphere. Quite possibly the second biggest Varadero attraction is Delfinario, where you can catch an impressive and memorable dolphin show. Golfers might look to fit in a round at the Varadero Golf Club, and if you love the outdoors, exploring the Varadero Ecological Park is sure to make for fun-filled adventures. Also found in the Matanzas, the Bellamar Caves are the aim of many a tourist, offering cavernous dwellings that boast a list of intriguing sights. Shopping is another fun activity to enjoy when you are not hanging out at Varadero Beach, and if you have time to spare, you might consider booking a Varadero tour.

A Varadero tour can include learning about the region's history, and many historical tours here take you to archaeologically important destinations like Ambrosio's Cave. The aforementioned Xanadú Mansion is a popular stop on many a Varadero tour, and if you need help getting to and from all the possible Varadero tour destinations, a Varadero guide might be a good idea. A Varadero guide can not only get you to featured attractions, but he/she can also help you better understand and enjoy them. Perhaps your Varadero guide will be a representative of one of the companies that operate open-air Varadero tour buses and trains. To get to Varadero, you can rent a car in Havana and make the 2-hour drive on the Via Blanca coastal highway, or you can always arrive by air. Bus travel is a popular transportation choice in Cuba, and Varadero-bound buses can be found departing from such Cuban cities as Havana and Trinidad. Regardless of how you get here, or how you choose to spend your time once you do, Varadero Cuba will most likely win you over without a fight.

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