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Deciding when to travel to Cuba is certainly part of planning your Cuba vacation, but you will be happy to know that the country is pretty much ideal year round. There is a high-season in Cuba in terms of tourism, but that doesn't mean you have to adhere to that guideline. Temperatures vary slightly in Cuba from season to season, so packing is essentially the same regardless of when you take your trip to Cuba. Cuba tourism is growing, that is for sure, and even the United States is seeing more and more of its people wanting to experience all that a Cuba vacation can offer. Scuba diving, Salsa dancing, beach strolling and sun-soaking adventures can be enjoyed at any time of the year in Cuba, though there are some things you might take a second to consider before booking your Cuba vacation package.

The seasonal changes in Cuba generally coincide with those found in southern Florida, which means you can generally expect warm temperatures year round. Cuba tourism definitely sees its high season from December to April, which has a lot to do with weather. Northerners seeking Cuba's warm and sunny beaches are keen on escaping their cold settings for at least a few days, and with plenty of Cuba vacation packages floating around, it's not hard to do so. Cuba beach destinations like Varadero and Holguin, see their resorts raising their rates during the high season, so if you are looking for discount Cuba trips, you might plan to visit during the off season. May through October, is Cuba's rainy season, but between November and April, sunny skies are the norm, and the temperatures can be quite pleasant. You will want to bring a jacket, though, as cold fronts from the north can be known to bring somewhat brisk conditions, especially at night.

During the rainy season, it tends to get a little warmer on average, and July and August are certainly the hottest months. If you are the Cuba travel guide for your group, you will want to plan your trip to Cuba outside of the high season should you want to avoid the crowds. You will also save money, not only on accommodations, but also on things like rental cars and tours. Maybe instead of just taking a cultural tour of Havana, you can have money left over to add a deep sea fishing trip, or enjoy a few more hours of shopping. There can long periods of rain during the rainy season, so if you are the designated Cuba travel guide, you might take that into account. Cuba's hurricane season might affect your decision about when to travel to Cuba, and it lasts roughly from late summer through fall. That doesn't mean hurricanes are guaranteed, but it should be noted. Checking the weather forecast just before you leave on your trip to Cuba can often reveal any imminent weather dangers that might at least affect the better part of the coming week. Weather being somewhat of a minor concern, you might plan your Cuba vacation around things like certain Cuba events or festivals.

Carnival in Cuba can be particularly lively, especially in Havana. It takes place in August, and parade after parade hits the famed Malecon in Havana, with much fanfare, to say the least. Cuban rum and beer meet fireworks and festivities, and it is truly an occasion to consider if you like to have a really, really good time. Any Cuba travel guide looking to experience a savory slice of Cuban music will want to figure a February stop in Havana for their group's Cuba vacation. This is when the Cuban Jazz Festival is in motion, with venues around the city hosting live performances that are the real deal. Other Cuban cities, like Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba, have their own calendars of events, so whenever you choose to travel to Cuba, it's always worth it to research a bit. Interestingly enough, Cuban baseball is quite popular on the island, and the talent level is certainly high, with more and more Cuban players heading to America to play in the Big League's. Perhaps your Cuba vacation will see you heading to Cuba in the spring if you love baseball, as this is when the Cuban post season is under way. As far as major holidays go in Cuba, they are pretty slim, though the Day of the National Rebellion, and other socialist holidays can be of interest to those who are intrigued with Cuba's political situation.

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