Airport Hotel in Curacao

An airport hotel in Curacao is what many people who may not be familiar with the island might be looking for. The island is quite small, so a hotel near Curacao airport doesn’t have to be right at the airport. The furthest point away from the airport is no more than a 40 minute drive away. Additionally, the airport is located on one of the skinniest points of the island, and the capital city of Willemstad is only about four miles away on the opposite side of this skinny part. Willemstad, and the beaches on either side of it, boast the largest number of the best hotels and resorts on the island.

On top of this is the fact that there are very few tourist attractions around the airport—most visitors get off their flights and go directly to Willemstad or one of the resorts a bit further away. All this means that Curacao airport lodging is pretty difficult to find. In fact, there is only one airport hotel in Curacao: the Hotel Holland. This is a small and pleasant three star hotel that is a popular lunch or cocktail stop for those who have booked day excursions and tours to the nearby Hato Caves and ostrich farm. The Hotel Holland also boasts one of the island’s small casinos. This hotel is family run by one of the island’s legendary scuba divers, and he operates diving excursions. Most visitors to the island who stay here only do so for one night, usually if their flights arrive very late at night or are departing very early in the morning.

Airport Hotel in Curacao - Marriott Resort
Airport Hotel in Curacao - Marriott Resort

Other than the Hotel Holland, all Curacao airport lodging must be found elsewhere. But you won’t have to look far. There are some lovely resorts even within the city limits of bustling Willemstad, and you can get to them within only a few minutes after landing at the airport. The closest Curacao airport lodging in Willemstad will be at the Marriott Resort or the Hilton Resort. These properties are similar to each other, with their own private beaches that offer superb snorkeling. If you are staying at a hotel near Curacao airport like these two properties, it is simple to get off the plane and take a taxi to the property. Neither offer airport transfers, but both have ample parking in case you decide on car rentals as your transportation.

For a hotel near Curacao airport of a completely different sort, there is Le Mirage, also known as Campo Alegre, meaning Happy Camp. It is one the sites of a former military facility and is a perfectly legal and quite respectable brothel that is part of the history of the island. It has been in continuous operation since the 1940s when it was established at the military base during World War II. As part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, prostitution is legal and follows strict guidelines for health and security. While this may not be the airport hotel in Curacao where you would consider staying, it does have one night a week when ladies and the public are welcome for drinks and some mildly racy nightlife. This evening at Happy Camp is popular for bachelorette and bachelor parties, as many visitors come for vacations that include attending a wedding.

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