Curacao All Inclusive Hotels

Curacao all inclusive hotels are just beginning to catch on as an option for vacations, and you will find a few of them on the island. Not long ago, the only way to get all inclusive accommodation in Curacao was to purchase a package vacation or purchase certain features that the hotels themselves often offer. Even so, you would pay a premium for the extras features and still find that not everything was included. Most of the island’s hotels and resorts do have options that include some meals and some activities. Today, it is difficult to find Curacao hotel deals from a beach resort that is truly all inclusive in the same vein as Sandals and Club Med.

Sunscape Curacao Resort

Curacao All Inclusive Hotels
Curacao All Inclusive Hotels

The only one of the true Curacao all inclusive hotels is Sunscape Curacao Resort (formerly the Breezes Curacao resort), which is located on a private beach about halfway between the Punda shopping district in Willemstad and popular Sea Aqaurium Beach. The franchise calls itself “super inclusive,” and the rates for this all inclusive accommodation in Curacao include all meals and drinks (including alcoholic beverages) as well as all available land and water activities. Unlike similar resorts that happily provide free snorkeling gear, but charge for more exotic activities like scuba diving, Sunscape includes scuba gear and one free dive per day with instruction. They haven’t gone overboard by including unlimited scuba diving, but you can get an excellent taste of it at no extra charge.

In the last couple years, it has become an international requirement that you must have a valid passport for flights to Caribbean islands; once citizens of the United States could travel almost everywhere in the Caribbean with other forms of proof of citizenship. The Curacao hotel deals at Sunscape even include the fees for obtaining a passport if you do not yet have one. And tipping is not permitted.

Currently, Sunscape is the only all inclusive accommodation in Curacao that automatically includes everything in its rates. At other resorts and hotels, you can find different packages offered that do include many services and features. For instance, these kinds of Curacao hotel deals are available from the Marriott Resort, which is located on the other side of Willemstad on a private beach not far from the similar Hilton Resort. Some of the packages offered include three meals, alcoholic drinks throughout the day, complimentary use of the fitness center and tennis courts, and non-motorized water activities sponsored by the hotel.

If Curacao all inclusive hotels don’t fit the bill for you, you can find plenty of vacation packages offered by tour operators, airlines, and properties that include things like your international flights, meals, and possibly some tours or other unusual features. A standard tour included in these kinds of packages is a tour of the city of Willemstad, which helps to give you a good overview of the island.

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