Curacao Beaches

Curacao Beaches
Curacao Beaches

Curacao beaches are primarily located along its southwestern and northwestern coastline, from the island’s northern tip to about five miles south of Willemstad. There are almost no beaches (in fact, there is very little at all) on the southern tip of the island, as that is a large area of salt flats and marshes that is almost completely undeveloped.

Most of the best beaches in Curacao, if you are looking for the longest and most pristine, are located on the northern end of the island, which is called Westpunt (meaning West Point). There are few hotels and other lodging options in this part of the island, but you can enjoy a wonderful Curacao beach vacation at the new Kura Hulanda Lodge and Beach Resort set on cliffs overlooking Playa Kalki Beach. This is one of the most beautiful resorts on the island, offering a full range of facilities, amenities, and activities from a full-service spa to a PADI certified scuba diving facility. It is affiliated with the Kura Hulanda Hotel and Museum Kura Hulanda located in Willemstad, one of the finest luxury hotels on the island and boasting one of Curacao’s several casinos.

Other beaches in this area include Westpunt Beach that is used by the local fishing boats to bring in the day’s catch, Knip Beach and Little Knip Beach (Playa Kenepa Grandi) that are both popular with locals, Playa Porto Mari, and Cas Abao Beach.

Papagayo Beach Curacao
Papagayo Beach Curacao

The best beaches in Curacao for the widest range of facilities and things to do on the island are located on the southwestern coast, starting about five miles north of Willemstad where the Hilton Resort and Marriott Resort are located) and reaching to about five miles south of the city (Barbara Beach where the Hyatt Regency Resort is located). This is the stretch of Curacao beaches where you will find the largest concentration of hotels and resorts, bars and nightlife, dining spots, dive shops, and other tourist facilities, and these are the best beaches in Curacao if you want to be near those kinds of activities.

The most popular Curacao beaches that can be called Willemstad city beaches are Kontiki Beach and Sea Aquarium Beach with the best dive and snorkeling outlets and nightlife and with one of the best beaches for children on family vacations. Both of these beaches are also venues for many of the special events that occur during the Carnival season and other festivals throughout the year. Depending on the event, you can enjoy free dive workshops, live music performances, and sailing regattas.

The eastern coast of the island is quite rugged and the water is not the best for swimming, so there are few good beaches here. However, you will find some secluded inlets with small picturesque patches of rocky sand. While there are no official Curacao topless beaches (nude and topless sunbathing is technically illegal), you may want to book tours or cruises to this area where you will likely be undisturbed. You will also see some women (primarily European) going topless on some of the major beaches, but this is sporadic and the resorts do not allow it. Another way to find Curacao topless beaches is to stay in vacation rentals or villas where you will have a modicum of privacy. Your best bet for Curacao topless beaches without being disturbed is Playa Jeremi, which has no facilities and the fewest number of visitors.

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