Blauwbaai Beach

Blauwbaai Beach (which means Blue Bay Beach) is located to the north of the capital city of Willemstad, and is the largest beach on the island, drawing many visitors. The Marriott Resort and the Hilton Resort are both located along this long stretch of sand, and both offer great Blauwbaai Beach diving opportunities. There are also other dive and snorkeling shops, great dining spots, changing facilities, toilets, and showers offered here.

One of the reasons that Blauwbaai Beach diving is so good here is that it shore diving is possible here, easily accessible by beginners, but still rewarding for more experienced divers. The drop off to the coral reef is close to shore, so the swim is shorter. Because the slope down is quite gradual, this also makes a good snorkeling spot, and you can see a great deal (including large forests of sea fans). As with many of the other most popular beaches, there is a small fee to access the beach. If you are coming just for a couple dives and not to use the facilities all day, let the guard at the entrance know and the fee will be even smaller. You can get to Blauwbaai Beach by driving your car rentals, but it’s also possible to access the best diving areas by boat if you are using an operator from the city.

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