Curacao Car Rental

A Curacao car rental provides the most convenient and most popular form of transportation on the island. A Curacao airport car rental is what many visitors obtain for the duration of their vacations as soon as they arrive by air. There are several familiar franchises including Avis and Alamo that have outlets at the airport. It is possible to get a car in the city, and leave it at the airport (or vice versa), but it does cost more.

There are also a few Dutch companies and some locally owned companies. Some local Curacao car rental companies are located nearby, including in the capital city of Willemstad, which has it central downtown area only about four miles away. You can get a Curacao airport car rental from these companies, and they will come to meet your flights, drive you back to their shop, and send you on your way.

You may actually want to rent a car in Curacao for a day or an afternoon even you are staying in one of the self contained resorts or you have come to spend a good portion of your time sunbathing on a beautiful beach or out on or under the water enjoying scuba diving. Many of the things to do and see on the island are easily accessible by road, but since the public transportation is limited and daily taxis can be expensive, a personal car is the only way to get there. When you rent a car in Curacao you will find that you have much more flexibility to explore independently and at your own pace.

While many of the resorts are fully self-contained, meaning you really have everything you need right at hand, a Curacao Car rental gives you the opportunity to visit other beaches that are a bit too far away for walking and some very remote areas of the island. If you want to spend the majority of your time at the place you are staying (whether it’s a Willemstad hotel or beach resort), many properties will pick you up at the airport for an additional charge if you make the arrangements in advance. During your stay, these properties will be able to arrange a car for a day, meaning you will not have to pay for a Curacao airport car rental for your entire trip if you don’t need one every day.

Some resorts that are more remote, will offer complimentary shuttles into Willemstad, and these can be good if you’re just going into the city for some shopping or for tours of the historic district. But you will want to rent a car in Curacao if you’re going to be gone until after the shuttle operating hours or just want to explore. In addition to regular vehicles, resorts can assist you with mopeds for short trips or four-wheel drive vehicles into the rugged parks on the northern tip of the island. Passengers arriving on Caribbean cruises who want to explore independently rather than book shore excursions will be able to find car rental outlets at the point of disembarkation at the pier in the Otrobanda District.

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