Cas Abao Beach Curacao

Cas Abao Beach Curacao is one of the loveliest beaches in the Caribbean, due to its pure white sands framed by crystal clear turquoise waters, waving palm trees that provide natural shade, and high cliffs. This is one of the few purely sandy beaches on the island; many of the others are rocky or have stretches of sand interspersed by pebbly patches. On clear days, you can see the mountains of nearby Venezuela. Facilities on the beach include a bar that is very popular for watching incredible sunsets, a restaurant where you can enjoy dining on seafood specialties, massage studio, and a large raft moored offshore. There are sun beds and more shade is provided by palapa (thatched) beach huts. There are also showers, toilets, and changing facilities. Additionally, the scuba diving at Cas Abao Beach is serviced by a shop that also has snorkeling gear, banana boats, a water trampoline, and water skiing available.

The diving at Cas Abao Beach is excellent, and can be enjoyed by beginners as well as more experienced divers. Good snorkeling is available in very shallow waters right from the beach, and you will be rewarded with sea fan forests, a variety of sponges, and both soft and hard coral. Colorful tropical fish that frequent this protected bay include sergeant majors and parrot fish, and there are also trunk fish, moray eels, and much more. You are also apt to see seahorses and sea turtles.

Cas Abao Beach Curacao has few hotels nearby, but you do have one excellent choice the Habitat Resort located less than a mile south of the beach. This is one of the best diving hotels in the Caribbean, as well as one of the better resorts on the island. It is set along the shoreline in beautiful tropical gardens full of parrots and along a seawater lagoon with resident flamingos. It offers deluxe rooms (some with kitchenettes) and Cas Abao villa rentals that are excellent for families and small groups. There is a complimentary shuttle that makes daily trips into Willemstad for shopping, a little nightlife, and sightseeing tours.

Cas Abao villa rentals are also available in a number of planned communities around the nearby historic town of Sint Willibrord, which boasts a beautiful neo-Gothic church dating to the 1880s. This an area filled with the slave era history of the island, where you can visit several beautifully restored and preserved plantations. There were once about 100 of these on the island, and only a couple dozen remain, some in ruins. The Jan Kok Landhuis (country house) dates to 1840 and is the oldest plantation house on the island. It is named for the plantation owner who was infamous for cruelty to his slaves. It is said the house, which now contains the art gallery of a well-known local artist, is haunted by his spirit. Coral Estate is a planned community on the outskirts of Sint Willibrord about a half mile from the beach, and offers several lovely Cas Abao villa rentals that sleep from two to six people. Most of these have sea views.

Cas Abao Beach Curacao is on the northwestern coast of the island, about fifteen miles north of Willemstad. It is often fairly crowded on the weekends, but there are far fewer people at other times. If you have car rentals, the beach is easily accessible by road and has ample parking. You can enjoy diving at Cas Abao Beach as a day trip either by driving yourself to the beach or on diving cruises from Willemstad.

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