Curacao Casinos

Curacao Casinos
Curacao Casinos

Curacao casinos are one of the quieter and unheralded bonuses of the island. There are not many of them as there are on other Caribbean islands such as Nassau in the Bahamas that are known for world-class glitzy gambling. Gambling in Curacao is more casual and more laid back, and it is not the focal point of most vacations, which generally concentrate on water activities like snorkeling off the beaches and scuba diving.

The largest of the casino resorts in Curacao is at the Hilton Resort, located on Blauwbaai Beach just to the northwest of the capital city of WiIllemstad. This facility is called the Curacao Casino and offers nearly 200 slot machines and a selection of table games including blackjack, roulette, and poker. Most Curacao casinos, including the Hilton, offer a number of slot machines and some table games. Few properties actively promote their gambling in Curacao as major features of their resorts.

Several will also have entertainment such as the Emerald Casino at the Marriott Resort, which is one of the more elegant of the Casino resorts in Curacao and located in the same general area as the Hilton. Probably the finest of the luxury hotels in the city is the Hotel Kura Hulanda, which is affiliated with the respected Museum Kura Hulanda and the Kura Hulanda Beach Resort located on the northern coast of the island next to Playa Porto Mari.

While Curacao casinos are generally fairly laid back and casual, most do have dress codes. It is advisable to check before heading out for an evening of nightlife and gambling. Virtually all casino resorts in Curacao are located on the beaches near Willemstad. A few are actually located in the city, and almost all are next to or part of hotels.

Right in the capital city on the Otrobanda side of St. Anna Bay are the Holiday Beach Hotel, Plaza Hotel, and the Hotel Otrobanda. These city hotels all have fabulous views of Willemstad and its beautiful bay and harbor. While they are considered luxury hotels, none of them have the extensive facilities you might expect of a luxury property because guests are generally out and about enjoying sightseeing tours, getting in some shopping in the historic Punda District, and exploring the island. They all have or are near a selection of dining spots that are excellent, a bar/lounge, swimming pool, and offer concierge services. The Holiday Beach Hotel is actually on a beach and is affiliated with an onsite scuba diving operator. They are all also spots for gambling in Curacao as they each have their own casino.

There are no Curacao airport casinos to speak of, although there is a small hotel with a small casino located about one mile from the airport and which is named the Hotel Holland. This hotel is used most often by business travelers. Few tourists stay here unless they arrive on flights quite late at night or have a very early flight the next morning. Other than the Hato Caves and an ostrich farm, there are no other attractions in the vicinity of the airport. Additionally, the airport is only about four miles from the center of Willemstad, and virtually all visitors go straight to their vacation rentals, resorts, and hotels on the opposite coast of the island.

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