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Curacao flights will always land at Hato International Airport, as this is the island’s only airport. Once you have arrived, you can easily get airport transfers from taxis, book car rentals, or have a pre-arranged transfer to your hotel or resort. Those who arrive very late at night or who are departing very early the next day may choose to spend one night at the Hotel Holland, the only hotel close to the airport. It is a small hotel with a small casino and a popular bar, where many choose to have a cocktail before their flights. This is also a snack and drink stop for people visiting the nearby Hato Caves and ostrich farm. The hotels in the capital city of Willemstad are only about four to six miles away, and can work well as airport hotels, too, because of their proximity.

Curacao flights are available on a daily basis from three continents and from many different countries, including several Caribbean islands—without connecting elsewhere. The most frequent flights from North America come from Miami, although there are also flights from New York City and Atlanta. As this island is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, there are daily flights from Amsterdam. Additionally, the island is only 45 miles from the coast of Venezuela, and there are daily flights from Caracas. There are also frequent flights from cities in Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador. You can get cheap flights to Curacao on all of these frequently serviced and convenient direct routes by choosing to fly in the off season, which is generally during the North American summer when the weather is hotter.

It is easy to enjoy vacations that spend time on more than one Caribbean island, as you can find good airfare to Curacao from many islands. The most frequent schedules are from the neighboring islands of Aruba and Bonaire, both of which are part of the Netherlands Antilles. You can also find cheap airfare to Curacao on frequent flights from St. Martin, Haiti, and Jamaica.

You can also find cheap flights to Curacao during the high season from cities that offer Curacao flights as charters during the time that most tourists come to visit. These cities include Lisbon, Portugal; Milan, Italy; Boston; Cancun; and Toronto, Canada. You might be surprised to learn that it is fairly common for tourists to combine a visit to the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador with a visit to Curacao. Generally people go to the Galapagos first to enjoy cruises among the volcanic islands viewing the iguanas and other unique wildlife and to do some snorkeling with the marine life. Then they come to Curacao for a few days relaxing on the island’s beaches. The airfare to Curacao on these combination vacations are packaged together with everything else to make for a very affordable final price.

Vacation packages that are offered by operators, airlines, and hotels provide excellent cheap flights to Curacao as part of the entire package. These packages generally include the flights from your home city gateway, accommodations in hotels or resorts, and often some meals, tours, and/or other features.

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