Curacao Luxury Hotels

Curacao luxury hotels are fairly limited. There are only a handful of true 5 star hotels in Curacao and none of these provide the kind of luxurious lodging found in places like Antigua. One of the reasons for this is that the tourism infrastructure on the island is relatively new and comparatively undeveloped. Another of the reasons is that the largest percentage of visitors arrive on Caribbean cruises, and their 5 star hotels in Curacao are luxury ships. The final reason is that so much of the island’s attractions for visitors involve active outdoor activities, so fewer over-the-top in-house facilities are required.

Avila Hotel

Avila Hotel
Avila Hotel

However, you will find excellent Curacao luxury hotels as well as resorts that will satisfy your craving for pampering. The best luxury hotels in Curacao are located in the capital city of Willemstad. The Avila Hotel is located on the sea just to the west of the historic Punda District, the oldest part of the city with Fort Amsterdam and fabulous shopping in stylish boutiques, galleries, and shops located in buildings that are more than 200 years old. This picturesque part of the city is within walking distance. The Avila is one of the 5 star hotels in Curacao with a full-service spa and one of the island’s casinos. It has two private crescent shaped beaches, separated by a walkway leading into the bar and restaurant. One beach is protected by a reef, making it great for snorkeling. The other is more open to wind, so there are more waves.

The Kura Hulanda Hotel (pictured) is another of the best luxury hotels in Curacao and is located in the Ortobanda Distict, on the other side of St. Anna Bay where the ships on Caribbean cruises dock. This is also one of the 5 star hotels in Curacao that boasts a luxurious full-service spa and casino. It is a village covering eight city blocks with numerous fine dining spots, shopping outlets, gardens and courtyards, and the respected Museum Kura Hulanda.

Luxury Hotels in Curacao
Luxury Hotels in Curacao

The Kura Hulanda Hotel in Willemstad is the sister property of the Kura Hulanda Resort, located on dramatic cliffs over beautiful Playa Kalki Beach. It boasts deluxe rooms and suites, including two-bedroom suites with kitchenettes that are excellent vacation rentals, allowing you to enjoy the facilities of a resort. Some of the best luxury hotels in Curacao are resorts like this, with beautiful remote locations, scuba diving and fishing operators, and a host of other land and sea active adventures. A similar property located a bit further south on a private estate near Playa Porto Mari is the Habitat Resort, one of the premier diving resorts on the island.

The Habitat Resort affiliated with nearby Coral Estate, which is a planned community of luxury villas that can accommodate as many as twelve people. If Curacao luxury hotels are not for you, villas are a good option. They are excellent for family vacations and for small groups, providing complete privacy and flexibility. Coral Estate can assist you with everything from airport transfers and car rentals to making sure your refrigerator is stocked with your favorite foods when you arrive.

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