Sea Aquarium Beach Curacao

Sea Aquarium Beach Curacao (also spelled Seaquarium Beach) is one of the most popular beaches on the island, and its Curacao Sea Aquarium is on the cutting age of the world’s aquariums that work to preserve the marine life habitat in its most natural state. Opened in 1984, this unique facility offers a series of tours and presentations that provide education and inter activities with the marine life. If you are on family vacations, you will discover that Seaquarium Beach will fascinate children of all ages for hours at a time.

Activities at the Curacao Sea Aquarium include touching and hand feeding stingrays, dolphins, and endangered sea turtles that nest on the northern beaches of the island, and even sharks. The facility was created by building what is in essence a small island connected by a bridge to the main island, with natural sea water lagoons where snorkeling and scuba diving with the aquatic residents is possible. There is also a theater where you can watch underwater films and a boutique where you can do some shopping for unique souvenirs of your Sea Aquarium Beach visit.

Sea Aquarium Beach Curacao is actually a public beach that extends along the main island’s coast and is separate from the Curacao Sea Aquarium complex. This complex also boasts another small island housing one of Curacao’s resorts. This is the Royal Sea Aquarium Resort with one- and two-bedroom villas, a restaurant, its own beach, and swimming pools for both adults and children. The villas here are available as rentals, and there are some hotel services (including maid service) available. The villas are also available for sale, and are holiday homes with fully equipped kitchens. There are plenty of water activities available here, including a submarine that takes underwater tours up to a depth of 1,000 feet. It’s not otherwise a large or extensive resort because it is located so close to the historic capital city of Willemstad and most of the most popular things to do in Curacao.

Sea Aquarium Beach has numerous facilities making it popular for family vacations. There are palm trees providing ample shade, several dining spots and bars, a good selection of stores and kiosks for shopping, dive shops, and numerous water sports opportunities. You can also book cruises on small boats for sightseeing tours and for trips to Klein Curacao, the little uninhabited island off the southern tip of Curacao.

Hotels near Sea Aquarium Beach Curacao include the prestigious Kontiki Dive and Beach Resort as well as the all inclusive Breezes Curacao. Some of these resorts have great nightlife spots (including casinos), and there are also plenty of beach bars and nightlife spots offering music and other entertainment along the beach, which come alive with parties, concerts, and other events during special events and festivals like Carnival and the International Dive Festival. You will also find numerous apartments and other vacation rentals in this area. If you are staying here, you are less than a mile from the capital and have easy access to all other parts of the island.

Image: Curacao Tourist Board
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