Curacao Rentals

Curacao Rentals
Curacao Rentals

Curacao rentals provide many different forms of accommodation on the island, and they are available in several areas. Different kinds of Curacao vacation rentals include a few apartments and Curacao condo rentals in the capital city of Willemstad. While most visitors choose to stay on the beaches outside of the city, there are some who have reasons to stay in the city, especially on short vacations. One reason could be passengers who arrive early to embark cruise ships of one sort or another. Most passengers on large cruise ship will embark in ports such as Miami or Houston, but it is possible to join a cruise midway through the itinerary, and Curacao is one of these ports.

Many cruises that visit the other two ABC Islands (Aruba and Bonaire) or even the nearby coast of Venezuela on small yachts begin their journey here, and passengers often will arrive a few days early to get in a little sightseeing and buy supplies. These visitors often use their short-term Curacao rentals to explore the numerous attractions of this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage city, including tours of historic sites such as Fort Amsterdam and the world-class shopping available in the Punda District. Some vacation rentals are actually live-aboard yachts that can be had either with a professional crew or as bareboat charters. Since this island is so small, you can also find magnificent Curacao house rentals in exclusive residential areas of the city that give you all the cosmopolitan and sophisticated city has to offer and easy access to the other parts of the island. These are generally available directly through private owners or their brokers.

Those who come to stay near the beaches, have several Curacao rentals to choose from, including inexpensive beach bungalows and luxurious villas. Curacao house rentals in deluxe villas can be found in several areas. The Santa Barbara Plantation, on the same huge estate south of Willemstad where the Hyatt Regency Resort is located, is a planned community with home sites for sale, and many of the homes are available as Curacao vacation rentals as they are built.

A similar planned community called Coral Estate is located less than a mile inland from the Habitat Resort north of Willemstad. This community is affiliated with the prestigious scuba diving resort, and offers lovely villas, most with sea views, that can accommodate small groups of up to eight people. Curacao house rentals like this are excellent for family vacations, as they provide flexibility, privacy, and full-service kitchens allowing families to save money on dining out costs.

There are some inexpensive Curacao vacation rentals right on or near popular beaches in small apartment buildings. Some of these have some of the same facilities of modest resorts, including swimming pools and water sports. The Limestone Holiday Apartments is a small family-run property on the Spanish Waters with a small private beach and eleven one- and two-bedroom apartments that have full kitchens. The nearest public beach is Jan Thiel Beach and popular Sea Aquarium Beach is about a mile away. Unique about this property is that car rentals are included in the price, a real necessity if you want to explore the rest of the island. Those who want all the privacy and self catering benefits of a rental can also choose a number of the resorts along the island's coast, as many of these offer small villas and bungalows in addition to standard hotel rooms and suites.

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