Curacao Vacations

Curacao Vacations
Curacao Vacations

Curacao vacations give you great access to much of why the Caribbean is famous. One of these things is the island’s proximity to other popular islands within the Netherlands Antilles (Aruba and Bonaire) and to the coast of Venezuela—all three of which are between only 20 and 40 miles away. Many Curacao vacation packages will involve cruises and tours to these nearby attractions.

However, you will find that Curacao vacation deals concentrating only on this one island will provide you with all the most popular things to do, keeping you busy throughout your entire stay. There are plenty of beautiful beaches for sunbathing and snorkeling and some of the finest and most pristine coral reefs in the entire Caribbean for scuba diving. There is also superb deep sea fishing, and many Curacao vacation packages are dedicated to these aspects of the island’s natural resources and beauty.

Many Curacao vacations will take advantage of this little island’s entertainment and nightlife, which is surprisingly vibrant and lively. There are several casinos on the island, many of which provide nightlife options. Beach bars and clubs line popular Sea Aquarium Beach, and there is often live music in these. During special events and festivals, which seem to occur pretty much all year long, the music on this beach and in the capital city of Willemstad showcases international headliners. During the Carnival season, there are parades, concerts, movies on the beaches, and general merriment for nearly all of January and February. Many Curacao vacation deals are designed for visits during these special times.

The capital city of scenic Willemstad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting wonderful colonial buildings and insights into the island’s long and rich history. Top off your tours of this beautiful city with a visit to the Kura Hulanda Museum for more insight into the island’s history. You will also find some of the best shopping in the Caribbean here, with goods that are very sophisticated and come from all over the world, but especially Europe and Indonesia. Since the island is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it enjoys many of the privileges of the European Union, including very low import duties. Since the Netherlands also had extensive colonies in Indonesia and the East Indies, there are also products from that island nation. Your Curacao vacations will also give you opportunities for dining on the cuisine of these far flung places in addition to seafood and other island specialties. You will find great inexpensive seafood places along the beaches, numerous ethnic restaurants from around the world, as well as Michelin Guide-caliber gourmet dining spots.

You can find excellent Curacao vacation deals that explore something completely different—total relaxation. These deals will often place you in some of the finer luxury hotels and resorts that off world-class spas that will give you all the luxuriant pampering you can handle.

Curacao vacation packages can offer the best deals, whether you are on a tight budget or not. These often will include your international flights, airport transfers, accommodations in hotels, and often some tours or other extra features. Breezes Curacao is the only all inclusive resort on the island, and can be great both for families looking to save money and those who just don’t want to be bothered with paying for everything as they go.

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