Curacao Villas

Curacao villas can be found in numerous places all over the island. There are modest bungalows and luxurious mansions that can be booked directly from the private owners as vacation rentals. Some are located in planned communities where both visiting tourists and local residents live. An example of this kind of planned community is Coral Estate, located just about in the geographic center of the island in the charming village of Sint Willibrordus. This community boasts lovely, mid-range Curacao villas available for rent as well as for sale. Most have private swimming pools, offer views of the Caribbean, and have bedrooms to accommodate from two to six people.

Coral Estate is affiliated with and on the road to the lovely Habitat Resort, which is a full-service resort offering restaurants, bars, and a full line of activities, including a scuba diving shop. The Habitat is a good example of other types of villa rentals on Curacao—those that are part of larger resorts and hotel complexes with numerous facilities and amenities. The Habitat offers hotel types rooms and suites, as well as some lovely oceanfront villas on Curacao that are the villas in the highest demand on the island.

Villa rentals on Curacao can be extremely economic for small groups and those on family vacations, as they usually have fully equipped kitchens allowing you to save money on dining out costs. And, with enough bedrooms to sleep as many as 6 to 12 people, the per person charge can be quite reasonable. The Habitat Resort has two bedroom villas (called lanais) with kitchenettes, in addition to the hotel rooms and suites.

If you want oceanfront villas on Curacao that are closer to all the action, you are sure to enjoy the Royal Sea Aquarium Resort. This sits on a tiny private island connected to the main island and popular Sea Aquarium Beach by a causeway. It is next to another little island that makes up the Curacao Sea Aquarium. The one- and two-bedroom villa rentals on Curacao at the Royal Sea Aquarium Resort are, literally, steps from the sea and have their own private stretch of sand. Children will love this property, as just about all of the most popular things to do on the island are available. There are sightseeing cruises on a submarine that can reach depths of 1,000 feet, kayaks and snorkeling gear, a large swimming pool, and the unique aquarium where you can swim with dolphins. Children staying in these Curacao villas can actually get a “job” at the aquarium helping to feed the sharks and train the dolphins.

Adults staying at the Royal Sea Aquarium Resort will enjoy being so close to the most happening nightlife on the island. And it is all only a few minutes from the shopping and tours available in beautiful Willemstad, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even closer to Willemstad are the oceanfront villas on Curacao (called cabanas) at the Veneto Beach Resort, which boasts one of the island’s casinos.

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