Willemstad Hotels

Willemstad hotels are primarily clustered close to the coastline in the two main districts of the city, which are separated by St. Anna Bay that creates the city’s large protected harbor. This is the bay and harbor that has been of strategic importance in the history of the island since the Spanish arrived here in the fifteenth century and remains a major international port for international trade and for passenger ships on Caribbean cruises. Most of the hotels in Willemstad Curacao that are used by tourists have rooms with views of the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage city and its harbor.

Kura Hurlanda
Kura Hurlanda

The two neighborhoods where you will find most Willemstad hotels are the Punda District, the most historic part of the city and its main shopping district, and the Otrobanda District where the large cruise ships dock. Otrobanda is newer and is becoming a developing attraction itself. One of the better luxury hotels in Willemstad Curacao is located here. The Kura Hurlanda Hotel is set within a beautifully restored eight-block area around a colonial slave yard. This area is its own village with designer shops, gourmet dining spots, and the prestigious Kura Hulanda Museum that chronicles the entire anthropological sweep of the island’s history with particular emphasis on the slave era and its African heritage. Willemstad accommodations here provide you with deluxe rooms and suites, a full-service spa, and one of the island’s casinos. This is the sister property of the Kura Hulanda Lodge, one of the island’s resorts set on the cliffs above Playa Kalki Beach.

Hilton Curacao Resort
Hilton Curacao Resort

Surprisingly, even here in one of the most cosmopolitan and sophisticated cities in the Caribbean, you will find Willemstad accommodations that have private beaches and (also surprisingly) some of the best and most readily accessible snorkeling on the island. Two of these, the Hilton Resort and the Marriott Resort, lie just on the western edge of the city in the Otrobanda District. Further along the shoreline, to the south and east in the Punda District, are luxury hotels such as the Avila, also with its own private beach and another of the history museums in the city. A little further along is the sumptuous Baose Luxury Resort, which offers two-, three-, and four-bedroom villas where you can choose dining in the elegant restaurant or having your meal prepared for you by a chef in your own private villa. Once you head further southeast, you have reached Willemstad accommodations like the Breezes Curacao that are outside the city limits on Sea Aquarium Beach, with its many beach bars a center of nightlife in the city.

Hotel ‘t Klooster

Willemstad Hotels - Hotel ‘t Klooster
Willemstad Hotels - Hotel ‘t Klooster

If you are looking for truly unique Willemstad hotels with very affordable prices and eager to please service in the heart of the Punda District, you might want to try the Academy Hotel. This is a small, clean, and comfortable 3 star hotel that doubles as a training facility for local young people looking for a career in the county’s burgeoning tourism industry. Another unique small property is the Hotel ‘t Klooster, set within a historic monastery in the Punda District. Other good and centrally located hotels in Willemstad Curacao include the Plaza Hotel, one of the island’s original hotels, and the Otrobanda Hotel, which also boasts one of the island’s casinos.

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