Dominica Carnival

The Dominica Carnival is the perfect thing to do if you’re looking to combine a Caribbean vacation with a special way to learn about local culture. Every February or March, Carnival celebrations around the globe from Venice to Brazil are events worth traveling for. This is true for the Dominica Carnival as well, which is a lively event full of music, food, parades, nightlife, and more. Carnival in the Caribbean is a unique way to see the islands, as too many visitors can plan a trip to the Caribbean without discovering how music is at the core of the culture, or without tasting local flavors. By choosing to travel to the island of Dominica during the Carnival celebration, you will gain a much better understanding of the life and traditions of local people.

Carnival is a festival that takes place every year before lent. While the final two days are the most exciting and action-packed, Dominica Carnival actually begins one month before these days. If you have dreamed of spending Carnival in the Caribbean, you will have a few options for weekends to make it happen. If you’re serious about attending, it is essential to make your reservations as far in advance as possible. Everything from flights to hotels to restaurants fills up during the festival. Hotels especially will need to be booked in advance.

Another name for Carnival in Dominica is Mas Domnik. This island is known as having one of the most original festivals in the Caribbean. Mas Domnik is known as the most festive time of year in Dominica. Favorite events include the Queen Show, where each year a new beauty queen is named as part of a pageant. For local girls, this is one of the most exciting parts of Dominica Carnival. Some people consider this event to be the highlight of the festival, so don’t miss it if you’re on the island! It will definitely be an event full of beauty.

Because the dates of lent change every year, so does the date for Carnival in the Caribbean. Some visitors may be surprised that the dates can vary greatly between years. For example, in 2010 the two big days of celebration were February 15 and 16. However in 2011, the festival dates are March 7 and 8. Luckily, most local travel services offering information on Dominica and Carnival will have information about the dates for the upcoming five to seven years, so it is possible to plan as far in advance as you want. When you’re reading about when to go to Dominica, the festival of Carnival is sure to be at the top of the list.

Mas Domnik is known as a feast of Calypso, who was a nymph in Greek mythology. For many visitors, the best part of the festival is the costumes and the vibrant colors. From the queen contestants to the Calypsonians to sensay costumes to stilt walkers, there are many visual delights at this festival. Bands, cheerleaders, and enthusiastic onlookers all complete the scene. Every year Carnival is celebrated by tons of people around the globe, why not join into one of the best parties this year?

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