Dominica Cheap Hotels

Dominica cheap hotels allow budget travelers to enjoy the verdant landscapes and breathtaking views at a much more comfortable price than what you might find at a luxury resort. Luckily, as this beautiful island is one of the smaller tourist destinations in the Caribbean, cheap Dominica accommodation options are reasonably easy to find, and they’re located around the island as well.

The advantages of staying at a cheap hotel in Dominica include more money to spend on attractions and activities, particularly if you’re planning on spending most of your time outdoors and not relaxing in and around your Dominica hotel. While it’s possible to find strictly cheap Dominica accommodation in terms of price tags, there are also options that may have a higher sticker price but offer such great value that it’s worth the extra cash to create the perfect vacation in Dominica.

One of the best cheap Dominica accommodation choices, both in terms of sheer affordability and the unique experience of the hotel, is the Nature Island Ecovillage, which is perfect for adventurous travelers. For starters, guests hike through the forest and cross a river, either through the water or via a zip line, to even reach the farm. It’s possible to stay here purely as a guest, meaning you pay a fee for accommodations and meals and can use this scenic rain forest setting as a base for your outdoor activities, or you can visit as a worker or student of organic farming. With this option, it’s possible to work on the on-site farm during your vacation, both to learn about the organic farming methods and to save some cash on accommodations or attractions. Trading work for lodgings gives visitors the chance to enjoy the gorgeous landscape and a good night’s sleep at the end of a busy day, resulting in a vacation that’s both gratifying and healthy.

Another option, quite popular among many vacationers seeking Dominica cheap hotels, is a casual hotel near the sea, such as the Portsmouth Beach Hotel. This hotel is located just a half a mile from the town of Portsmouth, and the rates are extremely low during the off-season and still quite reasonable during the peak tourism months. There are 80 rooms, and each includes a private veranda, air conditioning, a refrigerator, and a private bathroom, and the on-site hotel also serves three meals a day. The advantages of staying here also include close proximity to the beach, historical sites, and national parks, which are perfect if you plan to spend your time in Dominica focusing on the outdoor things to do, such as hiking and scuba diving.

The Anchorage Hotel and Dive Center is also an excellent cheap hotel in Dominica that offers plenty of water activities and comfortable accommodations. It’s a great jumping-off point for scuba divers, though because it’s at a somewhat rocky beach, it’s not the greatest spot for sunbathing near the water. The Anchorage has amenities to rival almost any hotel on the island, including a swimming pool facing the sea, where guests can relax in the sun and enjoy the view amid lush tropical gardens.

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