Dominica Cruises

Dominica cruises are a great option if you’re dreaming of a Caribbean island getaway. Some travelers have an unfair prejudice against cruises, but once they begin to investigate, many of the benefits of this type of travel are revealed. A Caribbean cruise to Dominica is an affordable option, as many cruises are all inclusive, and combine the cost of accommodation and meals. By arriving in a Dominica cruise port you will also avoid the potential difficulties of traveling to this island by air. Instead of changing planes in nearby islands and dealing with layovers, your travel between Caribbean Islands will be pleasurable and relaxed.

Dominica cruises are offered by a number of cruise lines. Carnival, Princess, Royal Caribbean, Silversea, Celebrity Cruises, and more all offer itineraries that include a visit to Dominica. Itineraries for a Caribbean cruise to Dominica range in length as well, from seven days to 75 days. Nearby locations that are often seen on this cruise include Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts, and St Maarten. If you want to visit Dominica as part of a more ambitious itinerary, possible choices include crossing the Atlantic and sailing to see some of the most popular spots in the Mediterranean including Barcelona and Mallorca.

The Dominica cruise port is also used by local ferries. If you’re having a hard time deciding between a cruise and a traditional stay in a hotel, the fact that ferries connect nearby islands might be a deciding factor. To get half of the cruise experience, you could take a ferry to nearby St Lucia or Martinique for a night or two on a different Caribbean Island. Some travelers prefer to get to know one place more intimately as opposed to seeing many different places. Dominica cruises will only be an introduction to all there is to see and do on the island. Adventurous travelers will want to take advantage of every minute of excursion time they get.

When you choose a Caribbean cruise to Dominica, this doesn’t mean you won’t get to experience anything local. This island is known for its adventurous activities, including hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, and more. One highlight for people on cruises is to take an excursion that brings you to the famous snorkeling spot, Champagne. Here you will get the chance to dive right in and witness squid, lobster, and seahorses playing around the bubbles caused by geothermal activity. Some people think that these types of excursions aren’t possible with cruises, but that simply isn’t true. You can spend your time at port doing any type of activity that you please.

From the Dominica cruise port, many people choose to enjoy outdoor adventure activities. The hiking trails, waterfalls, and lakes are much more famous then the island’s beaches. If you would rather take a more relaxing route, you will find shopping in Roseau right at the end of the dock. Old Market Plaza won’t offer the range that some Caribbean islands do, but it will offer authentic and interesting souvenirs and gifts. Guides and tours are another option, especially for exploring the interior of the island. When you choose to cruise to Dominica, make the most of your time on the island by planning out your excursions in advance.

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