Dominica Restaurants

Dominica restaurants come in a wide range and cater to many palates, which is sure to please travelers to the Nature Island of the Caribbean. Dominica food is particularly varied, with African, European, Creole, and Asian influences. Caribbean food in Dominica uses the lush produce that grows so well in its tropical climate and fertile volcanic soil, so you will likely find exotic Dominica food such as breadfruit, soursop, guava, taro, coconut, and bananas as prime staples on the menu. As an island, Dominica is also blessed with an ever-abundant supply of fresh seafood, so fish, crab, and crayfish are also common dishes. For your convenience, the Euro and the US Dollar are often accepted at restaurants, and don't forget to add a 10 percent gratuity if it is not already included on the bill.

Authentic Dominica food often includes succulent seafood seasoned with spices, chilies, and curries. You won't find more authentic fare than at La Robe Creole in Roseau, Dominica's capital. Situated in a quaint colonial building, this popular restaurant serves up Caribbean food in Dominica in a nineteenth-century atmosphere. Shrimp with coconut and garlic, creole octopus, and calaloo soup are just a few of the unique dishes served at La Robe Creole, all made with exquisitely fresh ingredients from the restaurant's own farm estate. At the street level, The Mouse Hole is the bistro side of the restaurant, specializing in lighter fare, such as sandwiches and burgers that you can take to go.

If you're craving fresh squeezed fruit juices in an informal setting, look no further than Guiyave, a popular lunch restaurant and patisserie, also located in Roseau. In addition to fresh juices in such exotic flavors as soursop, tamarind and sorrel, as well as better-known fruits, the restaurant also has a popular bakery specializing in both local and European style pastries. A lunch buffet is one of the most popular noon choices among Dominica restaurants in Roseau, with authentic Creole cuisine such as rotis (a kind of flatbread), goat stew, and conch among the daily offerings.

The Crystal Terrace Restaurant and Bar is, as its name might suggest, one of the most elegant Dominica restaurants. Housed in a family-run hotel, the Crystal Terrace has beautiful open air seating and elegant three-course lunches and dinners. Specializing in home-grown produce and home-made cakes and pastries, the menu is Caribbean specializing in seafood and local dishes. If you're interested in learning about local culture and cuisine on your Dominica vacation, this is a good place to try.

For eco-friendly Caribbean food in Dominica, be sure to check out the Papillote Wilderness Retreat just four miles outside of Roseau. The Retreat's restaurant, the Rainforest Restaurant, specializes in organic food cooked in healthy ways. Some of their unique offerings include flying fish, breadfruit puffs, fresh caught prawns, and more. This popular restaurant gets crowded at dinnertime, so be sure to make a reservation, especially if you visit Dominica during the peak tourist season.

In addition to the well-known established restaurants, there are a host of convenient options in all the tourist areas. Perhaps you would like to have a casual lunch in a café/shack on the beach, or dine in comfort in your Dominica hotel. With only one fast-food joint allowed on the island (a KFC), Dominica's restaurants are sure to offer a delicious taste of local cuisine.

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