Dominica Beaches

The Dominica beaches are accentuated with white sand and rocky black pebbles, evidence of the volcanic origins of this lush tropical island. On a few beaches in Dominica, you can even find black sand! This island is for the adventurer with many exciting activities for the outdoorsy type, from hiking in Cabrits National Park to scuba diving in Soufriere Bay or Champagne reef.

White sand beaches are on the northern coast. Lastote Beach, Soufriere Bay, and Woodford Hill all have the golden sands beaches famous in the Caribbean. There is also Castle Bruce Beach, a slightly rocky beach, located halfway up the eastern coast of Dominica. Other Dominica beaches are part of the Cabrits National Park, such as the beach at Douglas Bay, which is one of the island"s best. Like many Dominica Baches, there are nearby hotels that offer rentals for windsurfing or boats for sailing.

Pointe Baptiste is a special location of Dominica beaches as it is close to a white sand beach and a black sand beach. Once a hang-out for pirates, this beach is a now quiet retreat for vacationers. It has a plethora of rental cottages and good areas for snorkeling.

Two beaches in the Southwest, Champagne and Soufriere have hot springs. That's right! Swimming in the ocean off Champagne Beach is like taking a warm bubbling bath! One of the best things to do in the Caribbean is dive or snorkel off this Dominica beach so you can see the unique formations of air rising through the ocean from the hot springs below. Soufriere Beach is another Dominica Beach that is home to several dive shops with tours that lead you to amazing healthy reefs and scores of beautiful fish in the sapphire blue waters. There is also a historic Catholic Church right on the water.

Some of the notable black sands beaches in Dominica are: Longberry Beach, close to Melville Hall airport; Hampstead beach, which requires a 4WD vehicle to reach; Mero Beach, a grey sand beach that is also an interesting find; and Castle Bruce Bay, another beautiful black sand beach on the Atlantic coast. Another and black sand beach is Batalie nearby the Dominica Beach Resort, Sunset Bay Club. There is a dive center there as well.

Other notable Dominica beaches are Waterford Hill, a secluded, unspoiled beach near Calishie and the Dominica Jungle Bay Beach Resort . The Jungle Bay Resort is one of the top ten eco-resorts in the world. A rocky beach is just outside the rustic cottages and nearby spa.

The beach south of Portsmouth, in Prince Rupert's Bay, is home to a cottage hotel and areas where the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie was filmed.

If you are not looking for a Dominica beach resort, and have a taste for more adventure, there are several other activities on Dominica. You can find eco-tours, amazing hiking trails leading to waterfalls as well as a boiling lake. There is also an aerial tram and whale watching tours available. Other activities include biking and watching sea turtles hatch, especially between the months of March and October.

A treat for the beach connoisseur, the beaches in Dominica are sure to surprise and delight!

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