Dominica Luxury Hotels

Dominica luxury hotels are perfect if you’re looking for the most stylish and comfortable vacations possible on the oft-called Nature Island of the Caribbean. Choosing the best luxury hotel in Dominica is a tall order, as there are options for more mainstream accommodations and for others unique to the island atmosphere, including villas, private bed and breakfasts, and ecolodges, which promise an alternate luxury experience. From the center of the capital city of Roseau to the heart of the rainforest, Dominica luxury hotels, though limited in number, make up for any lack of numbers with the pure quality of accommodations, facilities, resources, and atmosphere

Offering great luxury accommodations and plenty of amenities, the Jungle Bay Resort is one of the most unusual accommodation options on the entire island, with treetop cottages, guided excursions, retreats, and an ample amount of other resources to add to the whole vacation experience. A perfect mix between rustic and luxury, Jungle Bay Resort offers stylish furnishings in wooden houses set above the ground, featuring private baths with outdoor showers, and while there is no air conditioning, the construction of each cottage utilizes the coastal wind and atmosphere to the greatest advantage, meaning guests can be assured of cool breezes, day and night. In addition to providing some of the most exciting lodgings on the island, Jungle Bay Resort also offers a number of thrilling experiences on excursions through various parts of the island, hiking, diving, snorkeling, biking, and city tours. Visitors are also welcome to take advantage of available retreats, from yoga to corporate retreats to artists’ retreats.

Calibishie Cove (pictured) is what is known as low-impact luxury, in which the least amount of resources are used to result in a most exquisite luxury accommodation, and whatever resources are used are thereby recycled as much as possible, and to add to the eco-friendly atmosphere, the structures are designed in such a way to use the natural resources, such as wind and sun, as cooling and lighting, all in an effort to truly conserve the environment. Calibishie Cove is one of the Dominica luxury hotels that offer a varied selection of room types, including the standard Sea View room, the Rainforest suite, the Paradise penthouse, as well as an option to rent out the entire villa for the optimum amount of privacy.

Calibishie Lodges Hotel offers a set of three villas, commanding spectacular views of the island. The location on a hillside, overlooking the coastal beaches on one side and snuggling into the protective hills on the other, promises exquisite views and an ideal amount of privacy for those vacationers in search, only for respite in a magical setting. Guests of Calibishie Lodges are welcomed to check into available excursions of the island, whether it’s simply a personal guide for a day, a guided hike into the rainforest, canyon treks, or whale watching out at sea.

From the tree houses of Jungle Bay to the eco-luxury of Calibishie Cove to the beautiful setting of Calibishie Lodges to any number of other Dominica luxury hotels, each one offers a unique encounter with the splendor of the island.

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