Morne Trois Pitons

Morne Trois Pitons National Park is one of the biggest draws on the island of Dominica, and travelers with an adventurous sprit simply won’t want to miss exploring it. This was the first national park on the island, and in 1997 was designated a World Heritage Site. This spot is so special because it offers a wealth of attractions beyond the normal national park fare, including Boiling Lake, Boeri Lake, and Trafalgar Falls. If you want to explore a different side of Dominica beyond the beaches, be sure to check out this national park, along with Cabrits National Park and its famous Fort Shirley as well.

The volcanic nature of the island of Dominica contributes greatly to many of its distinguishing features. From the snorkeling spot of Champagne Reef, which is full of tiny bubbles escaping from beneath the ocean floor, to the volcanic features of the larger landscape, Dominica is a beautiful and unique island. While visitors all have different attractions at the top of their favorites list, one consistent spot is Titou Gorge. This gorge and small waterfall is a refreshing stop on the hike to Boiling Lake. If you thought that Dominica was all about lazy days on the beach, Morne Trois Pitons National Park will make you think twice!

After seeing pictures of the Titou Gorge and Boiling Lake, many travelers plan on hiking to this famous location. However, this is something that really should only be undertaken by active travelers. The three to four hour hike (one way) can be grueling. However, it is also one of Dominica’s most famous trails, and offers an incredible range of rewarding scenery throughout your journey. You’ll be sure to forget about your sore feet when Boiling Lake comes into view. Usually enveloped in a cloud of vapor, this bubbling cauldron is a stunning sight for all travelers. Most hikers are invigorated by the lake and suddenly the return hike doesn’t seem too daunting.

Extended to over 26 square miles full of trails, Pitons Dominica is a popular destination for adventure travelers. While Boiling Lake and Titou Gorge are two of the best known attractions, there are many more as well. The Emerald Pool is an exotic waterfall in the rainforest that has a certain romantic charm to it. Only a short walk into the rainforest, the only downfall of this spot is that it can be quite crowded, especially on cruise days. Unlike several spots on the island that are warmed by volcanic activity, this pool can be quite cold, so maybe test the temperature before you dive right in. If you like waterfalls, be sure to check out Trafalgar Falls, twin waterfalls that are perfect for a swim.

The attractions in Morne Trois Pitons go on and on. While some visitors prefer to have a guide accompany them (which may maximize your time in the park) others prefer to explore independently. With a good map, it is possible to explore the national park and see the major sites on your own. From hot springs to the highest lake in Dominica (Boeri Lake at an altitude of 2,850 feet) this park is full of attractions. Once you explore one or two, it is easy to see why this park was named a World Heritage Site. The diversity of natural beauty in one park, on one island, is astounding.

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