Dominica Resorts

Dominica resorts are the best type of place to stay if relaxation is at the top of your travel wish list. This Caribbean island is known as an escape from the ordinary, and offers not only sun and surf but also the opportunity to go hiking, snorkeling, and visit historic sites. There are many different types of accommodation on the island, from a Dominica Eco Resort to small villas and rentals for the ultimate relaxing experience. Whatever type of accommodation you choose, you are sure to fall for the stunning volcanic landscapes and welcoming locals in Dominica.

When some travelers think about the Caribbean, the first thing they think of is all inclusive packages. Significant value can be added to a trip by combining the price of accommodation and meals. The most popular all inclusive resort in Dominica is Jungle Bay Resort and Spa. This luxurious resort is located in the rainforest, and offers a great blend of experiences. For an adventurous retreat, this Dominica eco resort is a top choice.

Another popular choice for an all inclusive resort in Dominica is the Sunset Bay Club Hotel. The Sunset Bay Club & Seaside Dive Center has several different types of rooms, including three-room bungalows, suite rooms, and family rooms. The hotel is located between Portsmouth and Roseau, and the Seaside Dive Center has instructors and equipment rentals, which are helpful for outdoorsy travelers want to make the most of the excellent scuba diving in Dominica.

If Dominica resorts don’t sound right for you, another way to visit the island is with cruises. Cruises offer similar value to all inclusive packages in that they combine the price of accommodation and meals. While some travelers are interested in getting to know the island of Dominica intimately, including hitting the hiking trails to Boiling Lake, snorkeling in the Champagne Reef and other great dive spots, and eating at local restaurants, other travelers are looking for a whirlwind Caribbean tour. Cruises allow visitors to see many different islands and decide for themselves where they would like to spend more time in the future.

In recent years, a turn towards eco friendly hotels has been prominent on the island, and this is reflected in the lodging options. If you’re a green traveler, choosing a Dominica eco resort is an effective way to travel and be friendly to the environment. Possibilities for a Dominica eco resort include the 3 Rivers Eco Lodge and Papillote Wilderness Retreat. Another popular option beyond Dominica resorts is local cottages and villas. Vacation rentals offer not only great value, but often guarantee peace and quiet and distance from fellow tourists. Consider vacation rentals if you’re looking for a real island escape.

Whether you choose an all inclusive resort in Dominica, a cruise, or a vacation rental, you are sure to be entranced by this volcanic island. While some travelers are turned off of visiting Dominica by the lack of flights to the local airport, others realize that there is plenty to discover on a more unspoiled island. Resorts, hotels, and villas will all offer the opportunity to enjoy the landscape while also planning excursions such as hiking or snorkeling. From Morne Trois Pitons National Park to Cabrits National Park, there are many places to explore on the island of Dominica.

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