Roseau Dominica

Roseau Dominica, the capital of this beautiful Caribbean island, will likely be the first stop for travelers flying into the country or arriving on a cruise. Arguably the most cosmopolitan and vibrant city, Roseau offers the best of both the oceans and mountains, with excellent diving and snorkeling spots as well as access to the volcanic mountains and geothermal attractions in the area.

Roseau Dominica is an easily accessible town with friendly locals and a good bus system, so for those just spending a day or two in town, getting around is quite convenient. There is a host of excellent and authentic Caribbean restaurants, from down-home to upscale, for those who want to sample some local cuisine. Indeed, restaurants are one of the top Dominica tourist attractions in Roseau, with famous names like Guiyave and the Crystal Terrace all boasting delicious seafood, a fusion of flavors, and local flair. One of the most famous restaurants is eco-friendly Rainforest Restaurant, located at the Papillote Wilderness Retreat, a Roseau Dominica hotel located minutes from Roseau in a secluded wilderness setting.

If you're interested in food, one of the best Dominica tourist attractions in Roseau is the Saturday morning market down by the ocean, at the mouth of the Roseau River. Get a taste of the vibrant local culture as vendors hawk their wares: incredibly fresh seafood, Caribbean spices, and tropical fruit. Pick up a snack or two to keep you going on a hike in the mountains around Roseau, or take some fruit down to the beach for an impromptu picnic.

If you do end up at the beach, don't miss the chance to check out one of the most famous Dominica tourist attractions, Champagne. Snorkelers and divers have the unique opportunity here to swim among the bubbles generated by a mild underwater hot spring. The effect is like swimming in a gigantic goblet of, you guessed it, bubbly, and the colorful fish in the area seem to like it too.

Hiking enthusiasts will undoubtedly want to make their way to the Boiling Lake, and the best place to get outfitted for the trip is in Roseau Dominica. A guide is highly recommended for this challenging and somewhat dangerous eight-hour hike, which will likely include mud, steep climbs, and narrow trails. The trek is worth it, however, to see the bubbling waters of the world's second largest boiling lake, as well as the spectacular scenery and geothermal features on the way. Other great hikes are within reasonable distance inside the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

Back in Roseau, don't miss the French colonial architecture in the historic downtown area, centered around King George V Street. There are several churches there as well in a Creole-colonial style. A walk in the botanical gardens on the outskirts of town is a nice way to unwind in the afternoon before heading to your Roseau Dominica hotel for the evening.

Downtown Roseau is pleasingly devoid of large chain hotels, though you can easily find a nice family-run Roseau Dominica hotel. The most famous hotel in the city is the Fort Young Hotel near the waterfront, a beautiful but reasonably priced hotel with wonderful views of the ocean. The hotel is built around the remains of an eighteenth-century fort, combining history with elegance and luxury.

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