Roseau Hotels

Roseau hotels come in several price ranges and types of accommodations, from apartments and standard hotel rooms to resorts and villas, and anyone planning a Dominica vacation will find plenty of options to suit them around the island’s capital. Whether you stay at hotel such as the Fort Young or opt for private lodging in the form of a villa, your encounter with the largest city on the Nature Island of the Caribbean is sure to be a pleasant one, as the welcoming atmosphere and beautiful scenery are hard to beat.

The Fort Young Hotel is regarded as one of the best hotels in Dominica. Set atop a cliff and commanding some of the gorgeous scenery of the Caribbean Sea, the Fort Young is on Victoria Street, not far from the Dominica Museum. There are 73 guest rooms, and an airport shuttle is available, as are event planning services for weddings and other get-togethers. Business travelers often favor this hotel, as it provides an ample supply of business facilities along with a convenient location. Recreational facilities include a sundeck with a swimming pool and hot tub, spa and massage treatments, a well-appointed fitness center, and a private jetty, where divers can take a boat out to some of the best exploration areas around the island. If hunger should strike, Fort Young Hotel has all ends covered with on-site restaurants and bars.

Stepping up—literally—to a more unique lodging and overall experience, Jungle Bay Resort offers cabins located among the trees of the rain forest outside Roseau. This luxury resort is quite easily among the best Roseau Dominica hotel choices if you’re looking to make the most of the island’s rustic nature. It offers stylishly decorated cottages that take advantage of the coastal atmosphere to the greatest degree, with each room set up to make the most of the coastal breezes in the area.

Each of the houses offer private baths with outdoor showers, and while several of the expected conveniences of a luxury resort have been done away with in this case, such as air conditioning and lighting, the structure of each building has been done in such a way as to use the natural resources to their best advantage, ensuring cool breezes and well lit cabins with the help of the wind and sunlight. Guests can also take advantage of various available excursions and retreats, including snorkeling, biking, city tours, yoga camps, corporate retreats, and artists’ retreats.

Other popular Roseau hotels include the Anchorage Hotel and Dive Center and the Garraway Hotel, each providing guests with experiences that will certainly augment any encounter with the Dominica landscapes. The Anchorage Hotel offers clean, basic accommodations with easy access to the scuba diving at Champagne Beach, and equipment rentals are available. The Garraway Hotel is located in downtown Roseau, which means it’s also popular with business travelers. There are 30 spacious rooms, a view of the new pier, and duty-free shopping across the street, as well as an excellent on-site restaurant. This is one of the best Roseau Dominica hotel options if you want to make the most of the city in addition to getting out for the scuba diving, hiking in Morne Trois Pitons and Cabrits National Park, or relaxing on the beaches.

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