Dominica Snorkeling

Dominica snorkeling is one of the top reasons people travel to this Caribbean island. While other islands might be known for their wide, sandy beaches Dominica is known as an island of adventure. You can snorkel in Dominica, swim beneath a waterfall, or hike through a rainforest. If you like your island vacations with an adventurous twist, Dominica should shoot to the top of your list. And while you’re on the island, be sure not to miss Champagne snorkeling. This special spot will provide a snorkeling experience you won’t soon forget.

The most popular spot for Dominica snorkeling is Champagne. This spot got its name from a consistent stream of bubbles, resembling the sparkling wine champagne, that are seen during scuba diving excursions. This phenomenon of Champagne snorkeling is caused by geothermal activity around the reef. Dominica after all is a volcanic island, suggesting that there is a great deal of pressure and heat beneath the island. When you snorkel in Dominica and encounter not only the bubbles, but wildlife playing in the bubbles, the volcanic nature of the island will make even more sense.

Even those who are only on the island for a couple hours enjoy Dominica snorkeling, and though the island is known for its excellent diving, its snorkeling is nothing to be missed either. This Caribbean island is on the itinerary for many cruise lines, and when the boat is docked, one of the most popular activities is to go for a scuba dive or to go snorkeling. Excursions can be arranged in advance as part of your package, and if you are going to snorkel in one place, Dominica should be it. Other options for excursions include hiking and swimming beneath waterfalls, but if you’re interested in wildlife around the local beaches, this should be your top choice.

When you snorkel in Dominica, you will encounter a range of wildlife. From seahorses to lobster to squid, a variety of wildlife will be seen both on the ocean floor and playing in the bubbles. Expect to see fish in every color and size as well. If you have considered underwater photography, Dominica is the perfect place to give it a try. Few other places offer the added bonus of the geothermal activity for your photographs. Creative kids will love the opportunity to capture what they’re seeing beneath the surface of the water with even a simple disposable underwater camera.

Champagne snorkeling is also popular because it is easily accessible. There is no boat necessary to reach the best spot for snorkeling, it is easy enough to swim from the shore. Independent travelers can rent a car and head out for Champagne, or it is also possible to take advantage of public transportation, such as the bus, to reach the popular spot. Local bus drivers are very accustomed to dropping tourists off here, so don’t be shy to ask the concierge at your hotel how to reach Champagne with public transportation. Whether you choose to explore on your own or become part of a tour, you will be glad you took the time to see this underwater phenomenon.

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