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Dominica tours are one way to experience the adventurous side of the island, from snorkeling to hiking to embarking on an eco tour. Many places in the Caribbean are known for their extensive beaches, frozen cocktails, and nightlife, but Dominica offers something different, including the opportunity to add a little adventure to a tropical getaway. This island is a great example that there is much more to learn, and much more going in, in the Caribbean then simply a day at the beach.

A Dominica adventure tour is sure to include some snorkeling or scuba diving. The best snorkeling spot on the island is called Champagne, where tiny bubbles emerge from the ocean floor, signifying the geothermal activity below, which is one of the features that marks this volcanic island. Watching wildlife, from squid to seahorses play in the bubbles is its own form of Dominica ecotourism. This snorkeling spot doesn’t require a boat to reach and is easy to swim out to from the shore. A tour and guide can help you to reach this area of Dominica, and can help explain what you’re looking at beneath the surface.

There are many Dominica tours however whose focus is more inland. The island of Dominica is a haven for hiking enthusiasts, who take to the national parks both for their natural beauty and their attractions. A Dominica adventure tour is sure to visit Morne Trois Pitons and all its attractions. Serious hikers can trek three or four hours through the rainforest to reach Boiling Lake, a seemingly bubbling cauldron surrounded by a thick vapor. This is the kind of Dominica Ecotourism that got people talking about the small Caribbean island in the first place.

If you’re looking for a less strenuous Dominica adventure tour, head to Cabrits National Park. Known for its hiking trails and historic fort, this national park offers more manageable hiking opportunities. A peninsula that jets out into the sea, this national park is also striking in appearance. No matter what type of tour you embark on, be sure to bring your camera. The same is true if you choose to stay in an eco lodge. The Jungle Bay Resort, for example, offers a rare experience combining a retreat atmosphere with adventure. There are many activities on offer, so be sure to bring your camera!

Other Dominica tours include sea kayaking, mountain biking, yoga, and even honeymoon escape options. Almost any outdoor adventure activity can be enjoyed in the island of Dominica. Whether Dominica ecotourism, the annual festival of Carnival, or something else attracts you to the island you are sure to be impressed with its volcanic landscape, fantastic national parks, and friendly locals. Another tour option to reach Dominica is cruises. Many cruise itineraries include a stop on the island of Dominica and various excursions from snorkeling to hiking to kayaking can be planned. This island of adventure is worth visiting, especially for active couples or families.

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