Dominica Vacations

Dominica vacations can offer much more then just a trip to the beach. This island is home to outdoor attractions, adventurous activities, and hidden retreats that are all worth a look. If you’re looking for something beyond your average trip to the Caribbean, look into Dominica vacation rentals. You can spend your days snorkeling, hiking, or kayaking and at the end of the day return to a spacious rental where you can enjoy peace and quiet. If you prefer a resort, there are Dominica vacation packages that will make the trip very attractive. For a new spin on the Caribbean, consider the island of Dominica.

One of the most popular times of year to plan Dominica vacations is during the annual festival of Carnival. This festival takes place pre-lent, during either February or March of each year. Celebrated around the globe with a local flair, Carnival in Dominica means music, parades, a beauty pageant, and more. On the other hand, some travelers think of Dominica as a retreat and not a place to party. If this is the case, check out the list of Dominica vacation rentals, including villas and oceanfront properties. From basic to luxury, for families or honeymoons, there are a variety of rentals on the island.

Budget travelers, or simply those who love a good deal, will want to investigate Dominica vacation packages. Cruises are excellent value, and although most itineraries only spend a short term in Dominica, you will also get to see many more locations. If you’re looking for traditional Dominica vacation packages, resorts, hotels, and eco-resorts are the place to look. Often packages will combine the price of accommodation and meals, and sometimes activities like snorkeling, hiking tours of the rainforest, and more. Each season new packages are devised and advertised, so keep your eyes open for what’s new in Dominica.

Dominica vacations can definitely be more active then your average Caribbean getaway. Snorkeling is a favorite activity, and one of the top places for a dive is called Champagne. Geothermal activity—Dominica is a volcanic island, after all—causes tiny bubbles beneath the surface, where squid and seahorses like to play. It is a fascinating site and one worth the journey. Dominica is also home to two national parks where hiking, swimming, and mountain biking are popular, so take a tour of Cabrits National Park and look for archaeological artifacts. Or hire a tour guide to lead you into Morne Trois Pitons and see with your own eyes the beautiful Boiling Lake.

Dominica vacation rentals are ideal for families with mixed minds. If some members of the family want adventure while others want to sit with a good book, rentals in Dominica will satisfy everyone’s travel craving. If you do decide to go with a vacation rental, renting a car as well is a smart choice. This will put all the attractions and dining of Dominica within easy reach. From cruises to eco resorts to vacation rentals, there are endless ways to step foot on the island of Dominica and enjoy all that the island has to offer.

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