Dominica Weather

Dominica weather is fairly consistent, meaning that it’s a pleasant destination year-round, but there are certain months that are better tourists than others.

January: January is one of the best times to visit Dominica. Dominica weather is mild, dry, and sunny during this period, with rainfall predominantly in the morning, leaving your day clear for exploring. The weather is cool enough to do some serious hiking.

February: The mild weather continues throughout February. This is perhaps the best time to travel to Dominica, as the Carnival, one of the region’s most famous festivals, occurs in February and March.

March: March is one of the driest months for Dominica weather, though occasional rainfall and thunderstorms may occur. Carnival continues through March with beauty pageants, parades, masks, and music.

April: Clear skies continue into April as the temperature rises slightly. The Dominican Festival of the Arts begins with dances, performances, and concerts. April marks the beginning of the warmer season, possibly the best time to visit Dominica for a retreat from a cold winter.

May: Warm weather beckons snowbirds who want to swim in the warm waters, but an increase in precipitation marks the beginning of the summer rains. The Festival of Arts continues throughout May and June.

June: Continuing warm weather means sunscreen and plenty of water are a must. Although the rainy season is on its way, June is still a good time to visit Dominica for snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water sports.

July: If you're an avid scuba diver, July is the best time to visit Dominica, as the annual Dive Fest kicks off with swimming, kayaking, and canoe races. Free diving lessons and discounted rates on diving, whale-watching, and other activities make this a great time to visit.

August: The summer storms come in earnest, making August one of the least popular months to travel here. Check the weather forecast before heading for outdoor activities, and heed any warnings from guides.

September: High volumes of rain persist throughout September. Tourists should take precautions if they wish to take their vacation in Dominica at this time.

October: Dominica weather continues to be warm, with high chances of precipitation. The celebration of Dominica's Independence starts in October with many cultural events, continuing through to November.

November: The Creole Music Festival takes place in early November. The weather starts to cool down, but storms are still a threat during this month.

December: The tourist season begins again with comfortable cooler temperatures and moderate precipitation.

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