Dominica Weddings

Dominica weddings are perfect for the adventurous couple who wants more than just a standard beach getaway. Unspoiled nature and volcanic landscapes can be the background of your special day when you choose a Dominica beach wedding. If you’re already planning a wedding at home, the island is also ideal to relax after your big day. Dominica honeymoons allow couples to combine romance with outdoor activities in the same trip. While the island might be known more for its snorkeling and hiking, it is also a wonderful destination for the wedding or honeymoon of your dreams.

The decisions are usually quite simple when it comes to planning, as Dominica weddings are typically organized into packages. Dominica hotels and resorts have basic packages, some of which can be customized according to your preferences, for a Dominica beach wedding. Alternatively, a wedding planner can help you to craft the wedding or even Dominica honeymoons straight from your imagination. Having a contact on the island to take care of a variety of last minute details will equal a hassle-free wedding for you. Choose between independent wedding planners or ones that have a relationship with certain resorts.

Dominica weddings can take many shapes and forms. While some brides dream of getting married on the beach with the sound of the crashing surf in the background, others prefer the idea of an eco-lodge in the center of the rain forest. A Dominica beach wedding can be a small, intimate affair for your closest family and friends or can be a luxurious event at a resort. Couples who are looking for the guarantee of good weather that the Caribbean provides, but want something different from the typical Caribbean wedding, will love the island of Dominica.

If your wedding is being planned at home, Dominica honeymoons are a romantic first trip for newlyweds. There are a variety of packages on offer, designed by hotels and resorts to create an intimate, unique honeymoon. While some newlyweds go to Hawaii or the South Pacific for their honeymoon, many couples prefer the affordability and convenience of the Caribbean. Adventurous couples will find their perfect match in Dominica—what could be more exciting and romantic then heading out on a snorkeling adventure together, or going for a swim beneath a waterfall in a rain forest?

The Jungle Bay Resort and Spa is definitely the most popular place both for weddings and honeymoons. The resort has its own wedding planner that can help make your dream wedding come true. Using experienced wedding planners has the added benefit of their local connections. From florists to party favors, local wedding planners will have easy access to everything you need to make your wedding a success. Before you choose a destination wedding location, be sure to thoroughly check it out. Go on a trip beforehand, build some memories, and get married in a place that has personal significance.

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