Boca Chica Dominican Republic

Boca Chica
Boca Chica

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic is known for being a popular resort town close by the airport. Boca Chica vacations are perfect for anyone whether they are single, married, or have children.

Boca Chica Beach
Boca Chica Beach

The Boca Chica beach is one of the major attractions. The beach is a sheltered lagoon with white powdery sand. For those with kids, the beach is perfect as you can wade out into the crystal blue waters for around 100 yards and only have the water about waist deep. You will love the calm waters without waves just so you can relax and take in the tropical setting. The Boca Chica Beach is known as a shopping beach with vendors strolling along offering their wares, or you can venture across the street to enjoy the various quaint and charming shops. Shops along the Boca Chica beach offer tourists handmade items, jewelry, and artwork. If you really want a chance to feel like a local, you can even have your hair styled in cornrows and be ready for a night on the town.

Once you are ready for a night out on the town, Boca Chica turns into quite the happening place with discos. Boca Chica nightlife is one filled with excitement with the downtown area turning into a party zone. The discos offer a wide range of music from dance pop to salsa. Even the majority of the hotels have wonderful nightly shows and discos to please their guests.

Sports enthusiasts may not wish to spend their entire Boca Chica vacation on the beach since the Mirador del Este Sports Park and the Las Americas Speed Race Track is home in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic. Events are planned at various times throughout the year at both locations giving visitors and locals the chance to enjoy a variety of sporting events.

Boca Chica Restaurant
Boca Chica Restaurant

Your vacation can be a quiet retreat to the beach or one filled with the excitement of the Boca Chica nightlife. On the other hand, you can fill your Boca Chica vacation with all kinds of activities including golf at the San Andres Caribe Golf Club, or scuba diving on the south coast, or take a deep sea fishing tour. All of the adventures can be planned through the hotel of your choice. The San Andres Caribe Golf Club is only a short drive from Boca Chica so you will be able to take in 9 holes and still have time to enjoy the beach. Scuba diving in Boca Chica is an exciting adventure with the wreck dives of Hickory and El Limon at the La Caleta National Underwater Park.

In Boca Chica, Dominican Republic you and your family will enjoy the tropical setting along with the delectable local cuisine, the Boca Chica nightlife and of course the white powdery sand beach.

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