Cabarete Dominican Republic

Cabarete Dominican Republic is an adventure's dream come true. Cabarate has so much to offer from calm waters in the lagoon to mountain biking to golf to various water sports such as scuba diving.

Cabarete Dominican Republic
Cabarete Dominican Republic - Kite Beach

Visitors to Cabarete Dominican Republic have so many opportunities at their feet they often decide to stay longer than planned. Once you set foot in Cabarete, there is nothing more exciting than to stroll along the Cabarete Beach. Playa Cabarete beach has more to see and do than guests have to stand back for a second or two in order to make a decision as what to do first. Sitting and relaxing on the Playa Cabarete beach while watching the beautiful kites of those that venture off on a kiteboarding adventure can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in Cabarete. The beautiful blue sky, turquoise waters, and the brilliant colors of the kites offer a relaxing and tranquil scene.

Cabarete Beaches
Cabarete Beaches

The Cabarete Beach offers all kinds of fun activities. Young and old alike can take part in the many things to do on the beach from wading and swimming in the calm waters on the eastern end of the beach to body boarding and surfing on the western end of the bay with bigger waves. Windsurfing is one of the most popular activities found on Playa Cabarete Beach with classes available for children. Windsurfing for the younger ones is best during the morning hours when the wind is a bit calmer than what you might see in the afternoon hours.

Along with fun things to do on Cabarete beach, you can enjoy horseback riding even with the younger children. The ranches offering tours have tame horses especially for children, so the entire family can enjoy horseback riding along the trails.

Cabarete Dominican Republic is not only known for its gorgeous beach for other adventures as well including canyoning where you will view a side of Cabarete that others only talk about. The Cordillera Septentrional region is the best place for enjoying the beauty of the area only around 40 minutes from Cabarete. Here you will enjoy hiking, climbing, and rappelling into majestic river canyons.

Cabarete Restaurants
Cabarete Restaurants
Cabarete Beach Bars
Cabarete Beach Bars

Once you are ready for a break and need a bit of energy, you will have to visit a few of the Cabarete restaurants. Even if you do not wish to take out time to enjoy a fine dining experience, your taste buds are sure to thank you for the adventure as well as your body for the added energy. The taste of the Caribbean of course can be found in many of the Cabarete restaurants along with a few several local Dominican cuisines. When it comes to delectable Cabarete restaurants you will find there are around 25 restaurants right on the beach where you can sit on the Cabarete bay under the stars to enjoy a delightful meal. La Casita is well known for their delicious shrimp, while all have a European flair that will give you a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy all kinds of delectable treats. One of the Cabarete restaurants that has everyone talking is the Indian restaurant about 20 minutes from Cabarete known as the Blue Moon. The most popular dish is the mango pineapple chutney.

No matter where you go or what you plan to see and do, you will have a fabulous time in Cabarete and will make plans to come back as soon as possible.

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