Dominican Republic Cruises

Dominican Republic Cruises
Dominican Republic Cruises

Dominican Republic cruises are often bundled into Caribbean cruises with a stopover on the island for a day. All Caribbean and Dominican Republic cruises offer guests the beauty of the Caribbean with all the amenities you desire. There are several different companies that offer cruises to the Dominican Republic, but the choice of which is company is up to you after you make all the important decisions concerning your cruise. You can choose cruises to Dominican Republic that is specifically designed for couples, families, for adventure, honeymoons and more. There are even varieties of ships that offer Dominican Republic cruises such as cruise liners, sailboats, party ships, and so on and so forth.

Before you make your decision about which company, you wish to use for your cruises to Dominican Republic you will have to decide which islands you wish to include besides the Dominican Republic. In most cases, you may only visit one Dominican Republic cruise port and only be there for one day. You will need to know if you wish to see more of the Dominican Republic and if that port city is the one you wish to visit. A few Dominican Republic cruises may offer extended time such as a couple of days instead of only one. The major Dominican Republic cruise ports are Santo Domingo, Barahona, Manzanillo, La Romana, San Pedros de Macoris, and Puerto Plata.

The best time for cruises to the Dominican Republic is during the winter months, which is from December to April. This is the high season for all Caribbean cruises and of course is the time in which you find the highest prices for Dominican Republic cruises. If you still prefer to take your cruise during this time of the year, you should be prepared to book your cruises to the Dominican Republic at least one month in advance; due to the fact, they are booked quickly.

When you have chosen a company for your Dominican Republic cruise, you will need to know a bit about the various classes available, which are luxury and premium, which are the higher priced accommodations. The contemporary and value cruises are often better for those that want to save a bit of money and still enjoy the Caribbean.

Costs vary for cruises to the Dominican Republic according to the cruise line you choose as well as the ship of your choice, along with the length of your vacation. The majority of companies offering cruises to Dominican Republic are all inclusive meaning the price of meals, a few activities and even entertainment are included, however, such things as drinks and excursions are not.

Carnival Cruises Amber Cove in Puerto Plata
Carnival Cruises Amber Cove in Puerto Plata

When it comes to Dominican Republic cruise ports you will have to decide which city, you might enjoy the most. While you are booking, your cruise be sure that the Dominican Republic is included, as some Caribbean cruises do not include this destination. Remember, the time you have at the port city is normally only one day, so take in as many attractions and activities you can while visiting.

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